There are many social and sports club in Bahrain that expatriates prefer to use for meeting new friends, getting fit, and socializing. Because Bahrain has many expats, these clubs generally welcome everyone. As with any country that has an influx and transit of people, there are also informal meeting groups such as Morning Coffee, Ladies Clubs, and Book Clubs that work with word of mouth. We have included some of the most popular clubs and societies for you.

How does Sports Club in Bahrain work

Sports clubs are special federations whose goals include the promotion of one or more sports, the participation of its partners in these methods, organization, and participation in championships and tournaments.

Clubs are usually associated with team sports, although nowadays we can provide different types of sports clubs with different functions.

Since there are various differences on this topic, it makes sense to determine how the gym works and whether these rules apply in every situation.

However, in this article, we will try to outline some criteria, on the one hand, the different types of sports clubs in Bahrain.

Types of sports clubs in Bahrain

Bahrain has many different types of sports clubs such as Elementary Sports clubs, Basic Sports Clubs, and Sports Corporations.

The sports club is a type of sports association that is considered to be first grade. Within the sports federations of the first degree, we distinguish between:

Elementary Sports Clubs

Its main purpose is to support the base of sports federations and training in sports from below and lower categories.

Basic Sport Clubs

They are the ideal model for a gym. Its scope is expanded and focused on promoting its partners within a formal and concrete sporting activity.

Sports Corporations

A corporation is a name that refers to clubs that develop their athletic activity in a professional manner, which in turn requires legal and economic responsibility in accordance with existing legislation.

The social role of a Sport Club

Speaking of how the sports club in Bahrain works, we cannot forget its social role as a sports promoter.

Therefore, among the services provided to its partners, sports clubs include training and advice, in addition to putting places for entertainment and staying in the hands of the partners for social coexistence and exercise.

In the case of basic sports clubs (remember that this is the majority), a social and non-profit goal should always be included in its goals.

We cannot forget, especially in primary clubs, that education, along with the development and promotion of sport and all its values, is essential. In this sense, any sports club, regardless of its origin or the sport it promotes, becomes a social entity that includes the principles of promoting cultural integration, friendliness, intimate friendship, and friendship among its members.

Here is a list of some of the popular and famous sports club in Bahrain:

The British Club

The British Club, which won the “Best Social Club in the World” award at the UK Telegraph’s Best of British Awards 2010, is one of the oldest and most popular sports club in Bahrain.

The club was founded in 1935 in Adliya and was originally known as Gymkhana Club. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and currently has more than 1,600 members.

The Bahrain Arts Society

This is a different kind of sports club in Bahrain, as it does not offer sports. However, it works such as the sports clubs, where you can meet friends and people and you could socialize in it.

Their goal is to participate in the cultural promotion and development of fine arts in Bahrain and the surrounding region and to take artists in a new dimension through intensive participation in local and international art events. This adorable place is located in Budaiya.

Dilmun Club

Established in 1974, Dilmun Club is a sports club and social club located in the residential area of Saar and has become an integral part of the expatriate community in Bahrain.

The club provides a safe, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere for a wide range of social, sports and leisure activities.

It caters to all tastes of food and drinks through its six outlets. These range from the traditional British pub-style The Bulls Head Bar, to fine dining, the surrounding Candlelight, and the Bistro restaurant.

Dilmun club also has a range of sports facilities, including 2 tennis courts, 2 squash courts, 2 riding fields, and a recently renovated Astroturf football field.

The Bahrain Yacht Club

The Bahrain Yacht Club was established over 35 years ago and has been in Sitra since 1977, and it hosts many people who share a common passion for various forms of sailing and water sports.

Whether you’re a seasoned marine dog or keen to get your feet wet, it offers a wide range of facilities and training services to meet your needs.

Membership is available to everyone, with family and individual membership on request. They welcome visitors and members of all yacht clubs.

Bahrain Rugby Football Club

The Bahrain Rugby Football Club started its life as a division of the British Club in 1971, becoming a separate entity in 1974, residing in a small land on the periphery of the Muharraq Bahrain International Airport runway. 

Bahrain Karate Center

This center is more specialized than a regular sports club in Bahrain. It follows the traditional Shotokan Karate method taught by the late Master Sensei Taji Kase (1929 – 2004). Karate is described as a martial art, or method of fighting, that involves a variety of techniques, including blocks, dodges, strikes, throws, and joint manipulation. 

Bahrain – Japan Karate Association

This is another center that provides Karate Sports Club in Bahrain. It is a non-profit organization created to preserve and enhance Budo, Japan’s traditional fighting methods.

The aim is to raise the level of spirit of people of all ages and to care for citizens who will contribute to global peace and harmony.

JKA Bahrain seeks to contribute to the development, education, and promotion of authentic JKA Shotokan Karate in Bahrain.

Tennis Academy in Ritz Carlton Bahrain

The three tennis courts of the sports club with its magnificent rooftops are cheerful games, while the air-conditioned, glass-backed squash court provides an indoor alternative.

Internationally qualified training is available for all levels and ages for both tennis and squash enthusiasts.

There are classes for women, men, mixed and children throughout the week. Competitions are arranged periodically for members.

It offers many different types of programs such as the Junior Program, Adult Drill Sessions, Adult Clinics, Weekly Social Tennis Events, and also  Private / Semi-Private Lessons.

Al-Najma Club

Al Najma is a Bahraini club based in Manama. The club competes in football, handball, volleyball, and basketball.

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