Staying fit and healthy is on everyone’s list of priorities. Some people love working out and truly find themselves when under a haze of endorphins, while others suffer to endure their allotted work out time. But almost all people always look for the nearest trusted gym when they move somewhere new. Lucky for people in the kingdom gyms in Bahrain are plentiful.

In Bahrain, sports are a very important matter; most towers in Bahrain provide a small gym for their residents. However, these gyms are often small and are only designed to help you keep in shape between visits to your usual gym.

If you live in Bahrain or moving there soon and looking for the best gyms in Bahrain we have compiled a list for you. Check it out.

Fitness First

Established in UK, in 1993, Fitness First is currently one of the leading fitness gyms across the world. The gym now boasts hundreds of branches, including 60 branches in 51 destinations across the Middle East.

If you join the gym, you don’t only get access to Bahrain branches, but you also get access to all Middle East branches. This is a huge benefit if you travel a lot.

Fitness First gym features a wide set of facilities including the latest gym equipment. Moreover, it offers personal training with some of the best trainers and instructors in Bahrain.

Several branches are available in Bahrain, and some of them are ladies only gyms.

Oxygen Gym

Spreading over an extensive area of 1000 square meters, Oxygen is one of the largest gyms in Bahrain.

The gym also boasts state of the art equipment, and offers varied classes that cater to both genders in all age groups.

If you are looking for a place in Bahrain where your child can learn Taekwondo while you finish your weight training and your wife finishes her cardio, then Oxygen is the absolute perfect place for you.

As an added benefit, the gym also offers various dance classes for the whole family.

Reps Fitness Studios

This gym offers a complete experience; they are dedicated to help you be the fittest you can be. To accomplish this, the gym offers classes, personal trainers, uniquely designed programs and more.

They offer diverse result oriented fitness programs for all age groups, with a focus on teaching the youth to embrace a healthier lifestyle by making working out fun. They promise that they can make even the laziest couch potatoes love gym.

BFit Health Club

If you are looking for a place that offers a complete experience, gym, spa and swimming pool then BFit at the Crowne Plaza is the perfect choice.

Not your standard hotel gym, BFit offers amazing facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, a fully equipped gym, in addition to excellent fitness classes. That is why it deserves a place among the best gyms in Bahrain.


Offering classes for children as young as two, LIFE-FIT truly is a family oriented fitness center.

The center takes pride in being an all-inclusive facility; as the place comprises a Fitness Centre, a Personal Training Centre, a Group Exercise Centre and Nutrition & Counseling Centre.

They can also design customized programs to suit each client’s specific needs and schedules.

Bodyline Sports & Spa

The best ladies only gym in Bahrain, Bodyline Sports & Spa has been the go to gym for ladies in Bahrain for more than 20 years.

The place features a fully equipped gym, a great swimming pool and a first class spa. It offers various fitness classes and swimming classes for ladies, as well as spa treatments.

It is a serene female haven for ladies looking for a place to relax and unwind or a place to exercise and get fit.


If you are looking for something different then Namaste is your perfect answer. This place is Bahrain’s first internationally recognized yoga studio.

The yoga school offers all sorts of classes and workshops, catering for beginners as well as yoga enthusiasts. And children from age 10 can attend the beginners’ courses. The place offers ladies only classes and mixed gender classes and all classes are guided by expert instructors.

Yoga does not only help you stay fit, but it also helps you stay calm and focused. If you haven’t tried yoga before, maybe now is the time to start.

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