At the entrance of every New Year, a lot of electronic blogs and websites are filled with all home designs terms whether designs and new forms of furniture or for the interior of home designs. A lot of grand designs companies issue every year new styles of designs to satisfy all desires of those who want to design or redesign their homes.

So, we bring some tips for you to design your home on the latest trendy designs of 2017, you will really enjoy these five tips.

1First: use pink color:

It is preferred to use pink color in your home design and spread it all over the house to give a distinctive character to your home. Other than sprouting optimism and hope, also it gives your house a special view due to its ability to merge with other colors of your home designs. This is so easy to mix in a lot of colors to give a unique view.

Among the colors which are preferred to be mixed with pink, blue, turquoise, and green, these colors give your home more daring and attractive scene for your home. Also, you can combine between classic style and modern style by mixing between these colors.

These photos will show you how the pink color merges with other colors either the furniture colors or walls colors.

spread flowers

Second: spread flowers all over the house:

At the beginning of 2017, we will find that the presence of fresh flowers at home will give it a different and unique touch to your home. As it is known, the flowers give a warm spirit to the house and spread a mix of vitality and quietness.

Spreading flowers all over your home is not just putting flowers in corners or in the living room, but you can make flowers interfere in home designs by choosing home decoration which is decorated with flowers, like bedspreads with flower prints, wallpapers, or these wood Pillows that you put on your home sofa.

As for wooden chairs, it gives generally a special character of vitality and activity and erases all feelings of monotony and boredom. Also, there is furniture printed with flowers and decorations and curtains which carry flowers character and which will give your home a special beauty.

green decoration

Third: Preferred colors:

We think that it is time to stay away from all monotonous colors, boring and duplicated, you should create other colors to your home, use your creativity and imagination to create attractive colors to your home, and don’t be afraid of change, because every change you make will completely take you away from traditional designs.

Stay away from gray and make white and its derivatives a title of your home designs, make an interference between white colors and the derivatives of blue and red and be sure that you will find a unique mix.

This year’s featured colors are pink -as we mentioned above– the light green, emerald green, violet (coral reefs color), and finally golden color.


Fourth: The acquisition of strange antiques:

Say goodbye to tradition, and say hello to these antiques which have strange shapes which give different atmosphere for the house. Many people fan the strange shapes of furniture and these strange antiques which are put on the shelves.

At the beginning of the New Year, we find that this kind of antiques are preferred especially if it is used in a correct way and mixed with other home colors and furniture.

Antique decors vary between strange shapes of large light bulbs and chandeliers, even it seems strange but it gives brightness to reception as an example, there are examples for some strange antiques which you can purchase at home.

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