Who said that rules aren’t made to be broken? Yes! That may be totally right in many aspects of life but when it comes to decoration and interior design; bending the rules a little can transform your space from predictable to unique with simple yet creative moves.

Which is why; we present you with 6 common interior design rules that if broken will take your décor style to a whole new level of chicness.

1- Small spaces and big furniture don’t mix

Small spaces and big furniture

That’s a logic thought when decorating small spaces and a safe move, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right move.

Invest in one large piece of furniture and your space will have its own voice; just make sure while doing so to mix some small furniture or accessories items for a simpler look.

2- It is always preferable to stick to one interior design theme

stick to one interior design theme

That rule is meant to get broken. Sticking to one interior design theme will only create boring space.

Remember! The key here is to always be moderate and never cross that fine line between unique and just looking odd.

Mixing modern with classic will give your space a vibrant feel and a sense of playfulness with varied interior design themes.

3- Go for lighter paint colors in small spaces

Go for lighter paint colors in small spaces

Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean you are doomed to live with paint colors you don’t find appealing.

Yes! Experts advise you to bend this rule to suit your taste. Going for darker shades can actually add life to your space.

And for an even catchier look, you can create a depth in your space through the use of brighter colored items that will create an appealing contrast with your wall colors.

4- Dining table chairs should be matching

Dining table chairs should be matching

That is always the safest move when it comes to decoration and interior design styles. Mismatched furniture is actually a trend this year and it helps create that quirky and playful mood in your space.

You either go the chairs with different colors and same style or different style and same color or both are different. The point is to think out of the box if you wish to create an effect of uniqueness.

5- Symmetrical rooms are appealing

Symmetrical rooms are appealing

Yes! they are extremely appealing to the eye but they are also ordinary. However, if you wish to create an eye-popping and extraordinary room, then asymmetrical elements are the key.

Your frames don’t have to be hung in the center of your wall and your bed doesn’t have to be evenly situated between the two bed-side tables.

Asymmetrical elements work on creating a visual curiosity and a sense of singularity to your space.

6- Matching Wood tones

Matching Wood tones

Going with this rule won’t harm your interior design but won’t make it sparkly. That is why mismatched wooden tones will create the contrast effect you seek.

Dark color flooring can go perfectly light-colored wooden furniture; you just need to have the courage to go after this style of interior designing.

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