Houses that mix between different styles of interior design always look refreshed, dynamic and above all interesting. But doing all of this without making your house looking all confused and hard on the eye is where a sense of style come in handy.

Here we present you with you 7 tips to mix between different styles of interior design all while making your house looking appealing and easy on the eyes.

1- Colors

Consistency is what makes your house shine, and for that colors play a huge role in making your decor and interiors hang well together.

If you have a classic sofa and modern armchair, make sure both furniture pieces are of the same color shade so that the room doesn’t look odd.

2- Create Balance

Having multiple items of different interior design styles in one room can create a vibrating space only if you managed to create a balance between these items.

By balancing your furniture items we mean, choose the ones that have equal visual weight.

3- Evenly Distribute

If one-half of the room is Urban Modern and the other is Shabby Chic, this sudden shift in styles can put your whole effort to waste.

However, if different styles are evenly distrusted across the room, it would definitely make the room acceptable and easy on the eyes.

4- No Single Pieces

Having a piece for every style in the same room can make your space seem unappealing.

Instead, go for at least an extra piece of furniture that has the same color finish or even style to eliminate the existence of solitary pieces.

5- Same Mood

Living rooms for instance for some people are the perfect place in the house to kick back and enjoy a relaxing time, hence, relaxing setting.

Which is why, amidst all this chilling mood, inserting a formal piece of furniture will kill the mood entirely. Either make your choices for the room formal or informal and in-between.

6- Two Styles in One

Pieces that act as a bridge between different decades are the perfect way for homeowners looking to mix different interior design styles with each other.

Furniture that Features contrasting styles in one piece are what interior designers call “Double Duty”.

7- 80/20 Rule

This rule implies that one style will dominate the other in the room where the main style will be the hero of the room and other styles will be the supporting characters.

The 80% rule allow your house to have some sort of character instead of looking all confused, and the 20% are those extra touches that spice up the place and makes it feel cozy.


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