Decorating mistakes are common among homeowners who don’t know how to decorate their own houses themselves.

And it can get really frustrating when something in your space just doesn’t feel right and you can’t put your hands on it.

Which is why, we will help in this article identify 7 of the common decorating mistakes homeowner do so that your space can look more put together.

1. Stylish but never comfortable

Stylish but never comfortable

Do you have a stylish and eye-popping piece of furniture but every time you sit on it you feel your back aching from pain? Then this is what is wrong in your space.

A common mistake almost all homeowners do when purchasing a new piece of furniture, they always buy what would look nice in their room over what feels comfortable.

2. Scattered cable cords

Scattered cable cords

Even though they are irreplaceable in any house, but undressed and scattered cable cords are not a pretty thing to look at and they just give your space a messy feel.

Hence, hiding these cords is always your best option and there are tons of creative ways in which you can hide your cords in an artistic way that can add a stylish feel to your interior designs.

3. Over furnishing

Over furnishing

Mistakenly thinking that crowding your space with elegant and stylish furniture will make it appealing is the most common mistake of them all.

Over furnishing your house is never a good idea, it will only make your space feel crowded and a lot smaller that it really is.

When it comes to furnishing your house, the right placement of every item is much more important than the number of items put in a specific place.

4. Poor lighting

Poor lighting

The more natural light you allow into your space, the more refreshed and alive it will look.

Placing too many curtains and illuminating the source of natural light will only make your room look odd.

Also, place lamps and sconces that go with your interior design and try throwing a mirror here and there to reflect more light into your space.

Work on enhancing the lighting in your space for a brighter room.

5. Sticking all of your furniture to the wall

Sticking all of your furniture to the wall

Pushing your furniture against the wall will only create a dead space in the middle that you might feel the need to fill it with unnecessary accessories.

Which is why, experts always recommend homeowners to go with the floating furniture technique.

Pulling some of your furniture away from the wall while keeping other items pushed to the walls will make your space look more vibrating, inviting and cozy.

6. Squeezing items that just don’t fit

Squeezing items that just don’t fit

So, you bought a new piece of furniture and you are extremely excited to fit it in your space is the biggest mistake you can ever do.

Just because you think your new zebra couch fits with your light colored furniture, doesn’t mean it does.

Yes! Experts always recommend jazzing up your space a little, but you need to make sure while doing so to add a harmonious feel to your space so that the room looks easy on the eyes.

7. Non-matching wall colors with furniture

Non-matching wall colors with furniture

It is always recommended to choose your furniture first before coloring your wall and not otherwise so as not to get restricted with furniture colors.

Matching your wall colors with your furniture is much easier than having to match your furniture with your wall colors.

So, first choose your furniture and settle on a color then start painting your walls with matching colors.

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