When introduced to the social media world, many real estate agents tend to do fatal social media marketing mistakes that put their whole business at stake.

Social media is a double-edged sword, hence, real estate agents should learn how to properly use social media to their advantage and avoid falling into its trap.

Savvy real estate agents are the ones who know how to make the best use of social media platforms by avoiding fatal social media marketing mistakes.

1. Exaggerating properties features

Exaggerating properties features

A good social media strategy is to post pictures of your real estate listings alongside the available features.

However, one of the big social media marketing mistakes is to exaggerate these features or play with the pictures in an attempt to make your properties look picture perfect.

The point is to not go overboard with your properties real features to make them look appealing.

By doing this you are jeopardising your reputation and your brand's name by marketing something that is far from being real.

2. Trusting the wrong people with your social media accounts

Trusting the wrong people with your social media accounts

Real Estate companies usually hand over the responsibilities of their social media accounts to a third party that handles everything from posting Facebook posts or tweets to replying to customer comments and complaints.

Such delegation can cause disasters if not handled in a professional way.

Third parties or social media agents, if not aware of your brand and your product, can post misleading posts or reply aggressively to complaints.

Your best bet would be handling your social media accounts yourself to avoid such fatal mistakes.

3. Posting with no clear strategy

Posting with no clear strategy

The aim of social media accounts is to achieve a higher reach and generate leads.

Hence, if you are posting with no clear strategy then you are wasting your time.

Posting too much or posting infrequently or posting at the wrong times are all social media marketing mistakes.

If you are planning on starting this whole social media marketing then you should know your target audience, test the waters first with posts and tweets at random times till you know for sure the peak time your posts will gain a higher reach.

You can also consult with a social media agency that knows best all about widening your posts reach.

4. Non-original content

Non-original content

This is one mistake almost all real estate companies do and that is posting an already published content (either theirs or another agency's)

Either in the form of a post highlighting the features of a property using the same headline and copy text or the form a blog post that is similar to an already published one in another real estate blog.

Such mistakes can damage the company's credibility in front of its clients.

Focusing on your content marketing is what will make you reach to a wide segment of your target audience.

Hence, your content needs to be novel, up-to-date and entertaining so that your audience will share at once and circulate all over their social media channels.

5. Not paying much attention to multimedia

Not paying much attention to multimedia

Sharing engaging articles or your properties features is still not enough to make your social marketing plan a successful one.

Posting videos, GIFs, images and slideshows will boost the engagement on your social media channels.

Online users like to share and engage with visual elements especially if they are made with creativity.

You don’t have to constantly publish visual elements, but the point is to diversify the content shared on your social media platforms and create a visual diversity for your audience.

6. Investing in one channel

Investing in one channel

Just because your Facebook profile is generating more leads and users are positively engaging with content shared on it, doesn’t mean your Twitter or Instagram accounts aren’t doing great too.

Many real estate companies invest in one platform only as it is the one generating more profit.

Online users use all social media platform and neglecting one platform won't do your social media marketing strategy any good.

Also, thinking that a platform such as Snapchat or YouTube isn’t worth investing in; is wrong.

At the very least, if you think a specific platform isn’t important to create a profile on; just investigate it first to know if your target audience is using it or not before completely shutting down the idea.

7. Ignoring your follower's comments

Ignoring your follower's comments

If you want your followers to engage with your content then you ought to do the same as well.

Meaning that when your followers comment on a post you shared or re-share your post, you should reply to their comments and thank them for their shares.

Also, a prompt reply indicates you are an active agent with an active profile.

8. Not monitoring your social media profiles

Not monitoring your social media profiles

Using programs like Google Analytics helps real estate agents track their progress.

Paying attention to such step will save you a lot of money and time.

Measuring the progress of your social media marketing campaign will let you know where your brand stands and how well your social media channels are doing when compared to your competition.