As the holiday season approaches most people living in Bahrain to find themselves asking these questions: How does Bahrain nightlife look like? Where should I spend my nights off in the Kingdom?

To answer the first question, Bahrain nightlife is diverse; the kingdom features various entertainment facilities that suit all different tastes. Activities and things to do in Bahrain are varied and plentiful.

And to answer the second question, if you are wondering where to spend your nights in the Kingdom here is an extensive guide for Bahrain nightlife.

Go camping in the desert

Go camping in the desert

One of the most popular activities in the GCC and especially in Bahrain is camping in the desert. Many people say that camping in Bahrain is unlike any other camping experience they have ever had.

The desert provides a magical atmosphere at night; the sparkling stars look much different in the quiet desert night.

If you head to the Tree of Life any time after dusk during the camping season, which is from October to March, you will find the campsites full of people enjoying their desert night, you can literally smell the barbecue miles away.

During summer, however, the desert is exclusive for true camping lovers, the ones willing to endure the warmth in the weather to enjoy the unbelievable quietness.

Bahrain is rich with camping sites, and most of them provide a luxurious camping experience.

Check the theater

Check the theater - Bahrain nightlife

It is always a good idea to check the theater’s schedule, there is always something interesting going on in any given week.

Bahrain National Theater has held a number of global performances over the past years, featuring some of the most famous artists in the world.

The theater hosted performances by the globally renowned composer Yanni, the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Ballets from Russia, and Il Divo.

Even though these international shows may not be available all the time, the theater has got a year-round full schedule that is sure to please you. Local shows, workshops, and activities are held almost back to back.

Moreover, the theater promises a magical night almost from the get-go, with its beautiful architecture and prime location by the Gulf.

Enjoy traditional Bahraini music

Enjoy traditional Bahraini music

Music is an important part of the traditional Bahraini culture and has always been such.

That is why the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities has renovated two buildings: Dar Al Jinaa and Dar Al Riffa to build a culture center for traditional music in Muharraq.

The culture center is a part of an initiative to showcase the ancient community of pearl fishers, presented here by their culture as well as their music.

Check the culture center calendar to see what is going on, there are usually nights dedicated to life Fjiri music. This will certainly give you a unique night out that you will probably never forget.

Enjoy international live music

Enjoy international live music - Bahrain nightlife

If you are a music lover you will absolutely love Bahrain nightlife, something interesting is always going on in the lively Kingdom.

From restaurants and lounges that serve your food accompanied by live music to huge festivals that go on for days, Bahrain has got it all.

Do not miss the annual Bahrain Jazz Fest; it usually features several local and international Jazz bands.

Also, check the calendar of the Cultural Hall for modern and classic Arabic music concerts.

Get some beach action

Get some beach action

Many people associate going to the beach with day time and sunbathing, however, this may be a little hard to do under the harsh sun in the GCC summer.

Nonetheless, you still get to enjoy the wonderful beaches of Bahrain during the evenings.

There are numerous ways to do that, a lot of people, for example, gather in groups of family and friends to have a barbeque in Arad Beach. Many others choose to attend beach parties held by private beaches such as Bahrain Yacht Club where you get to enjoy food and music in a wonderful experience.

Relax at a shisha lounge

Relax at a shisha lounge

This concept exemplifies Bahraini laid-back outings. Shisha lounges are not regular cafes, but fine dining restaurants that serve food, drinks, and shisha in an elegant yet relaxing atmosphere.

Most lounges work until very late hours, especially during weekends. They are some of the most popular Bahrain nightlife spots.

We highly recommend checking Phoenix Eatery & Shisha Lounge for an amazing view in addition to the great food and relaxing ambiance.

Embrace the cosmopolitan city

Embrace the cosmopolitan city

Bahrain nightlife is as multicultural as the community in the kingdom. From international hotels with their sophisticated lounges offering daily entertainment to Indian cafes offering Bollywood dancing to Philippino band performances, the Kingdom literally has it all.

Check the multicultural scene while in Bahrain and learn all about what other cultures do to chill in the Kingdom, you are certain to find something you like.

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