Bahrain is a Middle Eastern island country between the north-eastern coast of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The country is an Arab monarchy and is known as the Kingdom of Bahrain. The largest landmass in Bahrain Island and Saudi Arabia are connected together through the King Fahd Causeway. Many beautiful cities in Bahrain have unique attractions for visitors and tourists.

With an area of ​​only 780 square kilometers, Bahrain is the third smallest country in Asia after the Maldives and Singapore.

Bahrain has a long and impressive history and is famous for pearl diving, it is considered the best destination in the world for this specific sport.

Bahrain was the first country to develop the post-oil economy in the Arabian Gulf. The country has invested heavily in the tourism and banking sectors and has a high human development index. Bahrain has been recognized by the World Bank as a high-income country.

If you are moving to Bahrain soon and want to learn more about the country here are the most famous cities in Bahrain.



Manama has been an important commercial center in the Arabian Gulf throughout the ages. It is a major financial center.

The city is also home to a very diverse population. Manama and its twin city of Muharraq were founded around the 19th century, but the latter served as Bahrain’s independent capital until 1921.

Manama was then the commercial capital of the country and served as a gateway to Bahrain’s main island. In 2012, the League of Arab States appointed Manama as the capital of Arab culture.

Football is a popular sport in this city, and it is also the main site to keep up with the country’s Muharram.

Although Manama was previously restricted to the Manama Souq and the Manama Fort, the city has now grown to include many new suburban projects and old surrounding villages, which are flooded with city growth.

Manama is open and tolerant of other cultures and often attracts large numbers of foreign visitors each year.

Visitors can enjoy a range of attractions such as shopping malls, markets, forts, pearl museums and an active nightlife with many famous restaurants, clubs, and bars to choose from, making Manama a popular holiday destination.

Manama, like the rest of the cities in Bahrain, is predominantly Muslim, with more than 80% of the city’s population practicing Islam.

Manama has a large expatriate community, with more than a third of the city’s population of non-citizens. This gives a universal touch to Manama.

Some of the main attractions in Manama are the islands of Aldar, and the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Aquatic, Bahrain National Museum, Wahoo Water Park, Bahrain Fort, Bahrain City Centre, Al Fateh Mosque, Bahrain International Circuit,  the Pearl Diving Museum and the House of the Qur’an.

Bab Al Bahrain is located directly in the heart of the city, it serves as a historic landmark for the city. As for the historical monuments of Manama, Al Khamis Mosque, and Fadel House are among the most famous landmarks.




Riffa is the second-largest city in Bahrain. It is divided into East Riffa and West Riffa. The former has many tourist attractions such as Riffa Castle, several shopping centers and two main shopping malls.

Royal Golf Club is a popular place for golf players to gather and enjoy the sport in Riffa. West Riffa is often a residential area where senior government officials and most members of the royal family live. The famous clock tower is located in Riffa in the centre of Riffa west.




Muharraq is one of the largest cities in Bahrain and considered the third-largest city. It was the capital of the country until 1932 when Manama replaced Muharraq.

The city is an important religious center in the country, it is located on the island of Muharraq. The island also hosts Bahrain International Airport.

The city dates back to the Dilmun era, where people depended on marine navigation and worshipped the god of the first shark. However, around the fifth century AD, Muharraq grew to be a major center of Christian Nestorianism. The names of several villages in Muharraq reflect the Christian heritage.

Muharraq has the most successful football club in the country, Al Muharraq. It is also famous for its Souq, traditional music and arts.

Amwaj Islands are man-made with beaches, hotels and large buildings in Muharraq. The other items you shop for are beautiful handicrafts, where you can choose some good purchases.

Other places to visit in Muharraq include Sheikh Issa bin Ali’s house, Abdullah Al-Zayed’s house – the famous journalist, Arad Fort, and wind towers.


Hamad Town

Hamad Town

Hammad is located in the central part of Bahrain. It was established in 1984 by the government to provide accommodation for those who cannot live in the other exorbitant parts of the country.

The city was named after Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain. Hammad city is an example of multiculturalism with a variety of Shi’a and Sunni mixed populations.

A number of council houses in the city have housed refugees and needy people in Bahrain for years. It is one of the best cities in Bahrain.

Hamad Town



A’ali is one of the largest cities in Bahrain. The city is famous for its ancient burial mounds and traditional handmade pottery.

It was recently founded and the first building in the area began in the late 1970s and has since grown rapidly. It has many high and middle-class families.


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