As there is a city called “the city that never sleeps”, we can use a new term, which is “the street that never sleeps”. This street is the Exhibition Road Bahrain.

If you are looking for the most important places to go out in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, Exhibition road is the ideal place where you will find all your and your family’s needs, as it is one of the most important main streets in Manama.

What is in Exhibition Road?

Bahrain Exhibition Road is characterized by a lively life full of fun, as it has many international and local restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, and supermarkets such as Gulf Mart Exhibition Road.

It is one of the most important tourist areas where parties, events, and entertainment activities take place, and it is characterized by the many luxury apartments and hotels for an enjoyable vacation.

Places to visit in Exhibition Road Bahrain

There are many places suitable for families on Exhibition Street, and of course, the most important thing that distinguishes Exhibition Road is the popular massage in Bahrain exhibition road that many people prefer, and we recommend trying it. As for the most important places on Exhibition Road:

City Center Mall

City Center Mall

City Center Bahrain Mall is one of the most wonderful and luxurious malls in Bahrain, with a large number of cafes, restaurants, shopping stores, and places dedicated to children’s games. It also houses the largest movie theater in Bahrain.


Beit Al Quran

Beit Al Quran

Beit Al Quran is located on Exhibition Road Bahrain, as it contains archaeological manuscripts of the Holy Quran from all Arab Gulf countries, and it is one of the most wonderful archaeological sites for religious tourism and reading lovers, as it contains many libraries and houses for various occasions.

Bab Al Bahrain

Bab Al Bahrain

It is an archaeological gate that is considered one of Bahrain’s most important monuments in Bahrain since it was built, as everyone from all over the world goes to visit it and enjoy its historical monuments.

Arad Fort

Arad Fort - Exhibition Road Bahrain

It is a historical and archaeological place that attracts history lovers, and it was built as an impenetrable fortress for Bahrain. It is located near Manama Airport and it has a fantastic design.

Living in Exhibition Road Bahrain

Living in Exhibition Road Bahrain

You can find a lot of apartments and villas in Exhibition Road. There is a chance to buy a property in Exhibition Road from the owner. Where the properties in Exhibition Street are luxurious and meet the modern lifestyle with the latest finishing, designs, and decorations. It is suitable for expats in Bahrain.

Hotels in Exhibition Road Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain has many tourist potentials that make it attractive to tourists, and the Exhibition Road hotels are among the best hotels in Manama that can be accommodated for a distinguished holiday because they provide all the comfort and tranquility that visitors need during their stay.

It is also located in lively locations, surrounded by high-end restaurants and popular shopping venues. And it offers entertainment activities for visitors, all these advantages at reasonable prices compared to other hotels in Bahrain.

The best hotels in Exhibition Street

Exhibition Road Bahrain includes many luxurious hotels and hotel apartments, and these are some of the best hotels in that upscale area that we recommend you to stay in:

Rozana Hotel 

Rozana Hotel - Exhibition Road Bahrain

It offers excellent services, spacious and luxurious rooms, in addition to a balcony dedicated to each room overlooking stunning and wonderful landscapes, a variety of delicious dishes and fresh bread, and free internet access as well as free parking. Rozana Suites Hotel Bahrain is one of the best Exhibition road hotels.

Monroe Hotel Bahrain

Monroe Hotel Bahrain

Monroe hotel Bahrain is a luxury hotel and it is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in Bahrain Exhibition Road, as it provides excellent and wonderful services and features elegant modern decor, and it is ideal for families. It is located near Al-Fateh Mosque and Bahrain International Airport.

Baisan International Hotel Bahrain

Baisan International Hotel Bahrain

If you plan to stay at the Baisan International Hotel, then you will be in the heart of Manama, as the hotel is located a few minutes drive from Bab Al Bahrain and Seef Mall. This 4-star hotel is also situated near Beit Al Quran and the Bahrain World Trade Center.

It is characterized by luxurious and modern designs, with its large surface area, and the hotel offers wonderful rooms with internet access “Wi-Fi” in addition to an upscale fitness center, spa, and massage.

Bahrain Diplomat Hotel

Bahrain Diplomat Hotel

This hotel is regarded as the best in Exhibition Street, in terms of luxury. This hotel is located in the prestigious diplomatic area of ​​Manama. This hotel is a few minutes away from the Avenues Mall, Bahrain International Airport, and City Center Mall. It provides hotel services at the highest level and offers many luxurious hotel rooms and suites. It also offers airport transfers, car rental, currency exchange, and concierge service.

Fraser Suites Hotel

Fraser Suites Hotel - Exhibition Road Bahrain

It is one of the most distinctive and luxurious five-star hotels in Exhibition Street, as it provides excellent services at a high level of luxury and pleasure for guests. The hotel is located in the diplomatic area of ​​Bahrain and is a great place to stay in Manama as it is just a few minutes from Bahrain International Airport and the Avenues Bahrain Complex.

You can enjoy the hotel’s facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, free internet access, free car parking, a 24-hour security system, housekeeping service, and a 24-hour welcoming front desk.

The Domain Bahrain Hotel

The Domain Bahrain Hotel - Exhibition Road Bahrain

The hotel is one of the most prestigious Exhibition Street hotels in Bahrain, where unparalleled hotel rooms and suites are offered. Also, the Domain Bahrain Hotel has a range of fun activities including beauty services, skin and hair care, and massages. A daily breakfast is available in the restaurant, and there is a fitness center with a personal trainer and concierge services.
The hotel is 5.8 km from Bahrain International Airport and less than 2 km from Bahrain National Museum.


** Exhibition Road Bahrain is very popular among tourists and locals, as it is visited by everyone looking for an enjoyable stay in this charming place. And it’s not just that; Also, Exhibition Road is a great opportunity for investment or housing in Bahrain. This place is ideal for you; There are a lot of properties for sale or rent on Exhibition Road.


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