Feng Shui can be a hard term to define, but to keep it simple, it is a way to balance out the energy of an area to keep its residents healthy and happy.

This part-art part-science technique emerged about 3,000 years ago in China and has been passed on through generations since.

The word Feng means the wind, and Shui means water, both of which represent good fortune in Chinese culture.

Life’s energy surrounds us, it is in everything we see and do but is not all positive energy.

Feng Shui will allow you to get rid of the negative energy and make way for a happier home and happier life.

By redirecting and balancing out energy forces, you will be surrounded by positive vibes that will change you inside out.

With these few easy steps, you will see almost instant results in your new old home.

1. De-clutter


This first step shouldn’t come as a surprise since most problems start with a messy environment.

Clutter stands in the way of energy and so creates a negative vibe at home.

Take some time to rid yourself of anything you don’t need, use, or love.

It will be time-consuming and tiring, but this is the most important step in creating a harmonised surrounding.

2. Make way for positive vibes

Make way for positive vibes

To complete this step, you should clear your home’s front door of any and all obstacles.

This includes shoes, coat racks, toys, almost anything that does not please the eye.

Instead, place a piece of art, charming piece of furniture, or any item that brings a smile to your face.

The door is the entryway to your Feng Shui home, and so sets the tone for what is to come.

3. Plant it up

Plant it up

Plants are true miracle makers, they have a gift of absorbing toxins from the air.

Not only are they beneficial healthwise, plants are also beautiful to look at.

Pick a plant that doesn’t require much work but gives off a pleasant vibe.

Gardening is an excellent therapeutic hobby to pick up too, completing the mind-body-soul trio.

4. Rearrange your bed

Rearrange your bed

The placement of your bed is a crucial element in achieving good Feng Shui.

You should be able to see the entryway, with the headboard against and wall.

Be sure not to place the foot of the bed in line with the door, but rather at the furthest diagonal point from it.

This will also give you a better and happier sleep pattern.

5. Fix what’s broken

Fix what's broken

Simple as this sounds, you’d be surprised at how many broken items lie around your home.

Broken items are not limited to furniture and appliances, they also include clothes and could even extend to your relationship with family members.

Mark the tangible objects that need fixing, and every time you are done with one remove the mark.

You will gain a sense of accomplishment paired with a feeling of euphoria at how far you’ve come.

6. Live outside the lines

Live outside the lines

Though most of us are raised to think that lines give the world meaning and rid it of chaos, Feng Shui begs to differ.

Hanging your paintings straight on a wall creates what is known as ‘Poison Arrow’.

The sharp aggressive edges tend to make space feel firm and uncomfortable.

Opt for free-flowing forms instead and let the positive energy flow through.

7. Water cures all evils

Water cures all evils

In Feng Shui, water is associated with wealth, this is why fountains are a popular addition.

When used indoors, they have the ability of diffusing negative ions, helping your home gain a more positive energy flow.

The best position for a water fountain is facing the entryway to let the wealth flow in.

Keep it away from bedrooms, as it tends to bring worry and sorrow when placed there.

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