Of all the rooms that usually compose a house, kitchen probably proves to be one of the hardest – of not the hardest – one to design for both interior designers and property owners. This can be attributed to multiple factors, mainly its relatively small space and the need to include many equally substantial objects and tools in it. To help you with accomplishing this task, we have collected for you the following 6 beautiful kitchen ideas to assist you in designing the perfect kitchen that would fit all of your needs.

Island in the middle جزيرة المطبخ This is one of the most ubiquitous and trendy beautiful kitchen ideas nowadays, and it is no wonder; essentially, it comprises placing a large table – a kitchen island – in the middle of your kitchen to become its focal point. The “island in the middle” idea has gone viral due to its practicality as the island can fit many utilities and serve many purposes like food preparation and having fast meals with the other family members. In addition to that, it acts as a boundary that separates the kitchen from the rest of your home.جزيرة المطبخ Tools and electric devises could also be placed on the island to stay in hand while making food; and chairs could be added around it but only if they are consistent with the kitchen’s design theme.

Disadvantages: while the kitchen island can help you centralize many substantial items in your kitchen, it has some drawbacks; in addition to being relatively expensive than the other design ideas, they need a spacious kitchen room so that you can have enough free space around it to move and do the other tasks.

جزيرة المطبخ

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Open shelves الخزائن المفتوحةIncorporating open shelves in your kitchen has become a trendy trick in the recent years. They are way easier to handle, and give you a better and more beautiful kitchen design with a sense of spaciousness and elegance.

Disadvantages: unless you are a bit of a neat freak, open shelves can easily make your kitchen messy with a lot of dusty plates and silverware.الخزائن المفتوحة بالمطبخ الخزائن المفتوحة Steel Kitchen مطبخ ستيل The adaptation of warm colors of aluminum or copper metals like gray, black, or gold is getting trendy as well; they add a sense of elegance and coziness to the kitchen’s atmosphere. It expands to include cupboards, tables, knobs, and water taps, even the smallest details in the kitchen.  In addition to that, using metal colors is more convenient with hot areas as they absorb heat and cool their surrounding ambivalence.

Disadvantages: Bare in mind that dealing with metal kitchens, by definition, restrict interior designers to a limited set of colors. Nonetheless, other than this slight drawback, incorporating metal colors is one of the most beautiful kitchen ideas to consider. مطبخ معدن   The white kitchen المطبخ الأبيضم Luxurious and elegant, sufficient two words describing white kitchens. Using the white color in interior designing is a simple trick that never really gets old. However, caution is needed during implementation of white kitchens in order to get the perfect mixture for a beautiful kitchen design.  It’s better to utilize little touch of warmth by adding small metal details through knobs or shelves, and decorate the whole area with green plants like cactus and thyme plant.

Disadvantages: white color is known for showing dirt and other material aging signs (smudges, dust, fading color, etc) easily and quickly. Therefore, it might be a little tiresome to keep your white kitchen immaculate.

المطبخ الأبيض   The big room (open kitchens):

It’s now common in kitchen designs to mix between the kitchen and the dining room or the living room in order to get rid of walls and utilize very bit of space.

تصميم غرفة كبيرة غرفة كبرىDisadvantages: by definition, having an open kitchen means that your culinary work space would be exposed to everyone setting in the dining room; they will be able to see the mess you inadvertently cause while cooking. Also, fusing both the dining and the kitchen rooms into one means a lot of structural (e.g. removing the walls) and redecorating works, which might be too expensive for you. تصميم غرفة المعيشة تصميم المطبخ   The blue sea waves

We all long for the relaxing blue sea waves. Interior designers made it available to enjoy an in-door sea view during preparing food through coming up with the beautiful kitchen idea of adapting the blue color in kitchens. مطبخ أزرق Different degrees of blue could be used, you can also mix it with white or warm colors to get the perfect composure. تصميم أزرق للمطبخ مطبخ أزرق These were some of the latest 2015 beautiful kitchen ideas but they are certainly not the only ones; make sure you are choosing the idea that fits your needs and your preferred style.

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