Nowadays a lot of people tend to take their work home, while others actually work from home. That’s why, it is crucial to empty a space where you can put a table and a chair and just do your work.

But not all people who have home offices are actually using it in the best way, which is why this article is about how to design your home office in a way that makes you more productive.

By following the below design tips, I guarantee you a productive working space from the comfort of your own home.

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1- Windows are great natural lighting source and by placing a small table and a chair in front of one you will feel energetic and more productive.

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Lighting can affect the way we work, if you work in a room with dim lights you won’t feel encouraged at all, that is why bright lights whether they come from windows at daylight or from bright lighting systems at nighttime for those who like to work late at night, will do wonders and increase productivity.

To know more on this matter, you check our blog on the best ways to maximize and utilize the natural lighting of your house.

2- Placing the desk facing the wall while giving your back to the door of the room will kill your enthusiasm, make you feel trapped and you will always be looking behind you to check who entered the room.


That’s why positioning the desk in a power position that makes you able to see everything that is going around you will make you feel in control and cause you less distraction.

3- It is very important to eliminate any distractions in front of you. Your desk should only have your laptop and a notebook for taking notes.



You can place shelves or drawers to put all the stuff that will keep you distracted and make your desk look messy on or inside them.

4- If you have a small space and you don’t know how to place a desk there, well you can always squeeze a small desk in a corner or get one of these desks that can be folded against the wall.


It may not be the perfect solution for you, but it is hundred times more productive than having to work on a small coffee table placed in front of the television.

5- Make sure you are comfortable on the chair you are sitting on, since the majority of your time will be spent sitting, then you need to make sure it is comfortable enough and supports your back especially your lower back area and supports your arms as well since most people don’t feel comfortable sitting on a chair with no arms.


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6- If you are one of the people who just can’t sit all day, well, you can always place your laptop on a higher shelf at your required height and work while standing.


And if the space isn’t serving you well, you can get one of these desks that adjust its height from sitting to standing so you can do both and not be limited to one working position.


In case you can’t install a shelf or get an adjustable desk, be creative and find some new ideas to raise your laptop higher.

7- In case your office is in your bedroom, try placing it in a position that is away from the bed even if you have to adjust the entire room so that your desk fits well in a corner that is far away from the sleeping area.


8- Every employee needs a break from time to time, that is why – if you have enough space – you can place a chair not far from your desk, it can be next to a book shelf, or a near a table which have your stereo to listen to some music.


The point here, your desk is the place to work and not to enjoy some free time away from work. You need to have different spots for different tasks.

9- This one is recommended here, you can always place on a wall that is next to you a motivational picture that you like, or a frame for your motivational quote to motivate you when things get rough with the tasks in your hands.


10- Placing a small and bright colored plant pot in front of you will keep you refreshed whenever you look at it, your desk has to have some of nature’s touch on it.


11- Painting the room walls to give you the sense of the work atmosphere, you can’t work in a room with black walls for instance. You need to redecorate the space surrounding your desk to encourage you to do more work.

The above tips are very easy and doable. You can do them yourself and save the money you were going to pay for a professional.

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