House finishing is a strenuous phase we all have to pass through at least once in our lifetime. It’s the process of finishing our dream home, whether it was an apartment, villa, or any other type of residence.

We know it’s a tiring phase of continuous stress, we know also that after finishing the results look the bit different from your imagination, that’s why we decided to show some help by providing some substantial pieces of advice on the house finishing processes which will absolutely back you up.

Living takes place through a number of phases; the first one is searching for a suitable house, then finishing, then moving into the new home.

We will focus here on the middle phase, that is finishing, by demonstrating 7 main commandments that you will find useful.

House finishing

1- Setting the budget

Before commencing the house finishing process you need to allocate the money. The value of money determined for finishing your place differs according to many factors that include its space, the number of rooms and bathrooms in it, building and finishing materials, number of workers, and finishing quality.

The expenditures of finishing a property can easily spin out of your control. Setting the budget helps you to overcome this issue by forming a plan and putting an image of the house after completion according to the money you allocated to it.

Setting the budget


2- Assigning a contractor

Are you an interior designer? Did you work before in house finishing? If yes then you don’t need to hire a professional house contractor. But if you don’t have any experience in this field, then it’s better to find one.

The specialized contractor will feed you from his extended experience and skills in this professions. He also knows more about materials and finishing methods that best suits your budget, moreover, he knows how to deal with workers and complete work in short time.

Assigning a contractor


3- Supervision

Hiring a contractor doesn’t mean leave the whole thing to him, you need to be present while taking decisions and buying materials, you have to supervise the labor’s work to assure having the best results.


4- Precision

While dealing with the contractor and the workers you need to be clear and precise. You also have to make sure that they got exactly what you want because making mistakes is going to be too expensive to bear.



5- Models

This is a very vital step for you to make sure that the house will be finished the way you wanted it to be or at least for it to be the closest to the image you have in mind.

Draw a 3D model for your apartment after completion. You can do it yourself or use a professional designer. The model will stand as a good reference for you and the workers.


6- Furnishing

You need to define a preliminary perception of your house after furnishing. This is so critical because to make the finishing style and furniture consistent get an elegant look for your house.



7- Beware low quality

If you have a limited budget and can’t afford to buy materials and accessories, do not resort to cheap materials because they are mostly of low quality.

You would better adapt a simple trend in your house finishing that consists with your budget, and don’t worry, simplicity could be luxurious too.

Beware low quality


Your home is your sanctuary and your favorite place on earth; and while finishing it, you need to make sure that everything is going according to the budget you have assigned for it and contributing to the image you made for your dream house. For that, you need to take your time with planning the house finishing process, consider all the details and not rush any step.

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