The Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center is the largest facility in Bahrain for international exhibitions and conferences. It is located in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, on an area of ​​14,000 square meters, while the event area is 1,400 square meters. The exhibition can accommodate 5,000 delegates and 30,000 visitors per day, as it is one of the largest centers in Bahrain.

Economists emphasized that once the foundation stone is laid for the Bahrain International Exhibition Center, it will be considered a point that attracting Bahrain will contribute to more regional and international events and that the exhibition provides all opportunities and attractions to attract foreign investors and tourists to achieve economic growth. All this will transfer Bahrain to the best and enhance its position on the global exhibition tourism map.

Mr. Samir Nass added that having an exhibition of this size, capabilities and the latest international technologies will increase the opportunity for Bahrainis to work, and it will be a good opportunity to attract more regional and international events. He stressed that the step of planning and implementing this exhibition at a time when Bahrain is witnessing growth and development in all fields will strengthen the comprehensive development plan under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa will diversify the sources of income for Bahrain, which will benefit citizens and the Kingdom in general.

The leadership provides all support to the various economic sectors, including the exhibition tourism sector, which helps in achieving the development goals of the Kingdom of Bahrain until 2030. Bahrain is now taking important decisions and implementing them to achieve economic growth and is walking on a steady path in the right path to diversify sources of income and double the role of the tourism sector To support the national economy.

Specifications of the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center

Specifications of the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center

The Bahrain Exhibition Center is located in Sakhir and includes 10 huge exhibition halls equipped with all modern technologies and services to attract local and international investors, and it also includes the main conference center, which has an area of ​​4,500 thousand square meters to take what will be brought to 4000 people, the exhibition center is equipped with the latest means of display And it has the highest technologies and services. Besides the construction of 27 halls of various uses for small projects, these halls were constructed in small and medium spaces to suit all needs.

Visit of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism to the Bahrain International Exhibition and Conference Center location in Sakhir

Visit of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism to the Bahrain International Exhibition and Conference Center location in Sakhir

His Excellency Minister Zayed Al-Zayani visited the International Exhibition Center to supervise the latest developments in the implementation of the project through a meeting with representatives of the Teleki Consulting Company and Siparco Bahrain, the contractor implementing the project. It is the fourth part of 2022, where 30% of the project has been completed, and it is a satisfactory percentage.

He also expressed his pleasure at what this project had arrived at, saying, “This project is the largest project implemented by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority, which will create an ideal location to host international events and events due to its advanced infrastructure equipped with all means and the latest technology systems, and this centre is a catalytic element. To develop the sector of attracting companies organizing exhibitions and conferences to hold their global events in the centre in various sectors, which will contribute to supporting the development of the tourism sector in the country and to diversify sources of income and achieve the wise visions of His Majesty the King of the country, may God protect him.

His Excellency Minister Zayed Al-Zabani affirmed that the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority will continue developing plans and projects in the tourism sector, which works to enhance the strategic position of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the global tourism map.

History of exhibitions in Bahrain

History of exhibitions in Bahrain


 In the recent period, the Kingdom of Bahrain witnessed economic growth and the markets flourished, which drew attention to the holding of exhibitions and hosting regional and international conferences, as the need arose to enhance the commercial reality in the country. Bahrain has succeeded in organizing and attracting exhibitions and conferences, and its people have proven their competence in organizing and supervising, all of this in a safe and stable environment.

A royal decree was issued deciding to organize tourism, exhibitions, and conferences and form the regulatory and legislative framework for the work of tourism, exhibitions, and conferences, and from that time Bahrain has become a magnet for various regional and international exhibitions and conferences, including commercial, industrial, cultural, artistic and service under one roof in the Bahrain International Center For exhibitions and conferences with large capital, and attract tourists and visitors from different countries of the world who come to the Kingdom to see the latest and latest things that the world thinks and produces.

The exhibitions hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain are varied, including those concerned with education and people, such as the Bahrain International Book Fair, the Bahrain International Education, and Training Fair, the Ministry of Education event, the Cultural Days Festival, and the Gulf Book Fair. Pre-work training and private schools exhibition.

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