Investors’ lives are a bit different from normal individuals’ lives. The real estate investor’s mind doesn’t stop thinking and isn’t bound to official working hours. It always contemplates chances of self and work development and seeks additional sources of income.


Real estate investor has also his own thinking way, his mind checks for investment windows everywhere by analyzing all seen givens. He always takes initiative in undertaking decisive economic moves he believes in.

Are you one of these? Are you looking forward to making the right decisions? We will try to feed you with the real estate investors’ style of thinking adopted by the most successful property figures in the world.


Think differently- Don’t be guided

Which one of all successful figures in our world did listen to others’ opinions and decided to imitate their lifestyles? The answer is no one, frankly speaking, if they did it they wouldn’t be successful.


So the secret behind success is uniqueness and self-believing to write down a new moving story of yourself differs from the world’s plethora of pale and indistinct stories.

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Be decisive

There is nothing worse than a bad decision but a slow decision that takes you to think and ponder leaving heavy pressure. Long thinking could lead to indecisiveness so, it’s better to cut it short and do what you think is right.


What’s the difference between wrong decisions and right decisions? Simply put, it’s the decision-maker. In order to make better decisions, you have to make a better one of yourself. How?

By reading market analyses, following up daily with recent market updates, collecting data, and experience. You won’t make the right decisions all over the way, it won’t happen by any means. You will certainly stumble over one wrong decision or two to improve your further decisions in the future.



Only take advice from whoever passed you on the same path. Don’t ask just any normal person for advice.


If you were a real estate investor looking for advice before taking a certain step whom you should ask for advice? Friends, acquaintances, or expert real estate investors who were stuck in the same situations hundreds of times before.


Phrases like “It’s not the right time”, “the market isn’t healthy at the moment”, or “Prices are fluctuating” which we get from friends and family could thwart our ambitions forever, so be careful who you are taking advice from.


Don’t bound your dreams


There’s a big distance between ambition and satisfaction. Ambition is constantly aiming for success, the relentless desire for achieving goals because life is short and doesn’t wait for depressed ones.
Anyway, Ambition doesn’t contradict satisfaction because satisfaction is submitting to Allah’s will is prosperity and misfortune. So satisfaction doesn’t contradict ambition, actually, it comes after it.


In real estate investment always look forward, if you lose don’t give in, and if you win don’t lie. There are always more investment windows waiting to go get them wherever they are.

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Daily Routine


Angelo Rumora, a self-made and successful real estate investor who left school while he was 14 and started by sweeping construction sites, is known for achieving 1 million dollars in six months only from real estate investment.


Rumora says that a real estate investor has a special daily routine, he tells about his daily routine saying that he is up by six in the morning, starts his day by checking news and e-mail messages.


He reaches his office by 7 am to finish some office work, then starts his office meetings by 8. Rumora says that he works about 12 hours 6 days a week, but he is never frustrated. He implies that the main empowering reason which energizes your day is a desire for success.


Another piece of advice from Rumora, says that we shouldn’t work for money because money can be easily lost or devalued, but we should rather work for leaving a contribution in our circle of friends, family, or co-workers.


Engelo Rumora

Engelo Rumora young Australian real estate investor

Negative Energy

Don’t ever let yourself fall into a field of negative energy. Choose your friend zone carefully and don’t catch up with negative people who tend to affiliate their failures with exogenous factors.


Negative radiations are contagious and they could infect your soul with the same symptoms which could cost you time and energy. So, it’s better to surround yourself with successful and ambitious people in order to gain their moral and material support.

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