We are going to display a number of swift tips to perfectly utilize your small house design.

Shelving, Shelving and shelving

طرق تنظيم العمل Shelves sets can be embedded anywhere, around a fauteuil, couch, or under a table. Shelves sets are a perfect place for storing your house miscellaneous objects consuming large volume. small kitchen design Concealed storages

small houses desings Conceal storages below beds, behind curtains or portraits, or drawers inside stairs.

Wall units Luxurious furniture

Massive wall units adjacent to the wall saving much space and carrying a lot of your house objects.

No need for walls

Studio houseWalls consume space and make your house feel narrower. Separation could take place with furniture or shelves clusters. Not for bathroom of course. small apartments design

Organize your life

Beautiful house Hooks for your keys and jacket, shelve for putting your bag. Refrain yourself from this old complex of keeping rubbish. You don’t need old grocery plastic bags, empty jam jars, and shoes boxes. Drop them in the nearest recycling bin.

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Technology for small houses

smart house Technology for space saving doesn’t stop at LCD TVs, it spreads to reach more sophisticated techniques. Automation in convertible shelves, moving walls and invertible objects are perfect solution for your small house space optimization.

More tips for small houses:

Colors and decoration

colorful apartment Different colors and decorations give more depth to the house, while a monocolored narrow house could sound unbearable, at least for me.

Lighting in small houses

natural lights Poor lighting in small spaces will feel like a cave. Use wide windows as far as you can, ambiance lights, natural lights, and bright colors.

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