The Kingdom of Bahrain is aware of the increasing demand for real estate and housing. Due to the increase in population growth rates, the Bahraini government has been paying attention to social development in Vision 2030 and has identified the programs to provide high-quality housing services. The government was keen to develop new housing cities to accommodate this increasing number of residents and offered a number of areas that could be described as the ideal home, including Isa Town.


Isa Town is a large city situated in Bahrain, in the north-central part of the country, and administratively affiliated with the Southern province, which is the largest province in Bahrain, with a population of more than 45 thousand people.

Isa city was established about 50 years ago and named after one of the region’s rulers, Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa. It offers a large modern hospital, a modern stadium, and a university campus.


Properties for rent in Isa town

Are you looking for a place that combines luxury with an affordable price? Isa city is an ideal destination for those looking for flats to rent in Isa Town at affordable prices, especially for expats, as it is the best for middle-income family members. This is not only because of the low price of apartments in it, but because it offers the best amenities suitable for family life, as it includes many schools, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, shopping malls, and entertainment activities for children and more. It is also made up of newly constructed luxury villas in Isa Town. If you are looking for a family-friendly place to stay, then Isa city is the perfect place for you.


The properties in Isa Town vary in size and price. For example, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Isa city is around 180 BD, and for a two-bedroom apartment ranges between 250-270 BD, but if the apartment includes three bedrooms, the average rent is 270 -450 BD.


Isa Town Location

Isa city is famous for its private schools in Bahrain, including the Indian School, Pakistani Urdu School, Sacred Heart School, Ibn Khuldoon National School, Pakistani School, Bahrain Bayan School, Al Naseem International School, and St. Christopher’s School. All concentrated in a small area that also includes the Isa city campus at the University. 


Isa Town Hotels

Isa city Bahrain has one of the best hotels in Bahrain, with more than 201 places to stay in the region to ensure a happy stay according to your expectations. Many of these hotels impress guests, and they can be considered tourist attractions, due to its unparalleled atmosphere. 

One of the most popular hotels and one of the best accommodation options are Bahrain Golf Hotel, as this 5-star hotel offers a full-service spa and 10 restaurants. It is also 7.5 km away from the University of Bahrain and located 7 km from Isa Town.


Tourism in Isa Town

There are many things to do in Isa Town and many fantastic attractions, as this city combines modern life with Bahraini traditions. It contains modern luxury buildings and ancient archaeological buildings. In addition to shopping malls and popular markets. This is next to hotels, resorts, and restaurants.


Isa Town Market Bahrain

Isa Town is famous for its markets among tourists and locals, including the Isa Town Market, which is known as the “Iranian Market” or Souq Al Maqases, this famous and cheap heritage market in the old markets in Bahrain for its utensils, used and new goods, spices and household goods, and it is always crowded, but the movement is at its peak on Friday and Saturday. It is characterized by the presence of “tikka” restaurants, one of the common foods In Bahrain.


Isa Town Complex

Seef Mall is the first and most popular shopping center in Isa Town. It was launched in 1993 to cater to the family needs, as it enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the commercial center of the city. Surrounded by green spaces decorated with many footpaths and spacious parking spaces, the center includes many varied stores like shops for clothes, shoes, jewelry, antiques, gifts, children’s necessities, and more.


Bahrain Scientific Center

The Bahrain Science Center is located in Isa Town, Bahrain. It is based on the idea of ​​spreading scientific culture among children and youth, by providing distinctive scientific activities using the latest technologies. The center includes 5 galleries, each named according to its functions.


Sabika al-Ansari Mosque

This historic mosque in Isa city is one of the largest in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with a capacity of 6000 people. It also has several activities, including the Qur’an preservation center, a hall for events, and a small library.


Isa Town Jogging Track

It is a public park consisting of green spaces and open paths for walking, in addition to seating areas, as well as play areas for children, and many other facilities such as restaurants and gift shops.

Isa Town Park

It is a favorite place for visitors, as it has vast green spaces for you when spending quality time with your family, and it is also suitable for relaxing, hiking and cycling, in addition to various facilities such as restaurants and stores.


Khalifa Sports City

Khalifa Sports City is the most famous stadium in Bahrain, and it was opened in 1968. There are many sports competitions and football fans can also attend the matches that are held there.


Isa Town Gate

Isa Town Gate is the most simple abstract works found in the region. It consists of five arched galleries, two of them are on both sides of the gate, which are completely identical and have been designated for pedestrians, while the two main arcades are designed in a larger size for cars, and the central hallway in the middle of the Isa city gate is designed in an arched form for the decoration and aesthetic view of the gate.


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