Interior Design is an art form that is as fluid as the waves of an ocean, never constant and as wild as can be.

Every year, new ideas and concepts are introduced into homes. Last year’s styles are in the past and already forgotten.

Soon, we will be doing the same to the enigmatic motifs that crossed our paths this year.

With the year almost at its end, we decided to go through our favorite interior design looks of 2016.

  1. Black Stainless Steel

Black Stainless Steel

This is an absolute classic when it comes to the kitchen, and a trend that may be here to stay. 2016 said goodbye to colorful appliances and welcomed sleek dominating black. The black made it easy to mix and match cabinets and play with their color palettes.

  1. Statement Pendant Chandeliers

Statement Pendant Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a sure way to grab the attention of anyone passing beneath them. Besides their main purpose of lighting up a room, an eccentric chandelier will easily transform the entire ambiance. This year was all about minimalistic chandeliers that can’t help but stand out.

  1. Old School Florals

Old School Florals

Otherwise known as ‘Granny Florals’, these patterns made their way to every home. Whether in the form of an entire couch or a small cushion on a large sofa, this trend took the world by storm with large, colorful, blooming petals.

  1. Formal Dining Rooms

Formal Dining Rooms

2016 saw the return of the glorious dining room. Gone are the days when dinner was consumed in a hurry while watching TV. This year, families came together to enjoy a proper meal, conversation, and the many perks of quality time. This is one trend we hope never goes away.

  1. Statement Bathroom Mirrors

Statement Bathroom Mirrors

Once again, this year brought about statements from unexpected household items. This time around, it’s the bathroom mirror, which doesn’t exist for vanity purposes only. It is an opportunity to give the bathroom meaning, whether you opt for a modern glass mirror or a rustic-looking wooden frame.

  1. Bare Kitchens

Bare Kitchens

Less is more, and that is especially the case in 2016 kitchens which seemed to ditch all the unnecessary baggage. Think open shelves, less walls, simple appliances and an abundance of space to move around. This not only makes the kitchen appear bigger, but also adds an air of ease and comfort.

  1. The Matte Finish

The Matte Finish

While 2015 embraced the metallic look, 2016 was looking for calmer finishing touches. Oxidized metals, matte glazes, and chalk-finish paints were all part of this year’s cool and composed demeanor. They easily complemented the other styles that saw their way to every room of the house.

  1. Breathing Bathrooms

Breathing Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one the most important rooms of any home, but somehow, they always end up messy and cluttered. So this year, it was all about treating the bathroom as you would any other room. A comfortable piece of furniture here, a trendy chandelier there, wallpaper, maybe even some fresh flowers. Anything to give it a soul.

  1. Tech-less Living Rooms

Tech-less Living Rooms

Families saw a big return in 2016, first with the dining rooms, then with the family-oriented living room. No more TV’s, computers, tablets, not even mobile phones. These living rooms aim to bring the family together in a distraction-free zone.

  1. Decorated Living Rooms

Decorated Living Rooms

What better way to keep the family’s mind off electronics than by creating an enchanting living room? Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and materials, 2016 is all about glamming up your home. Decorative trinkets go a long way in adding to a room’s spirit, so do unorthodox fabrics.


11. Heated floors

Heated floors

The feature of heated floors has been common in bathrooms, now this technology became present in other locations as well including the entryway. It’s absolutely beyond brilliant, especially during winter times. Nothing is compared to stepping on a toasty heated floor during entering the house while it’s cold to death outside.


12. Marble


Imagine having small accents of marble scattered here and there in your house. That’s absolutely something worth of showcase. You could make use of marble clocks, candleholders, shelves, planters, and many other items.


13. One more item to return


Desks, yes desks are back. No more working on laptop in bed, you can make have a classic session of work on your glossy luxurious desks, it has proven to boost productivity.


14. Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands

They are no longer an additional workspace in the middle of the kitchen, islands became a central feature in modern kitchens of multiple uses including cooking, eating, having a soft drink with friends or family members, to name just a few.


15. Sun-drenched rooms

Sun-drenched rooms

If you can’t afford having a special sun room, it’s better to make sure that the main room of your house is getting enough deal of sun light since it became trendy in 2016.


16. Fireplaces


With the intrusion of new advanced technologies, we can surely have ambiences warmed by fireplaces without suffering from the smell, pollution, or other defects. They add a special touch of coziness and luxury you will definitely like to retain in your ambience.


17. Pairing two colors

Pairing two colors

2016 is the time of adapting a palette of only one color, maybe two colors, instead of having giving every piece of furniture a separate color.


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