The Greater the illusion, the wider spacious space you got…

It is all about the visual tricks to make you convinced that a square meter space is as big as a football stadium. No one loves a small place where there is barely a room to breathe.

That is why we bring you here a simple manual – to use whenever you feel like moving to a bigger place – that will save you a lot of money and effort than moving to a whole new house.

 A bigger house = A happy life

Here you will get to know how to enlarge the house space you live in using only furniture, color, lighting and mirrors.

A- Furniture:-

1- Multi-function Furniture

You have no idea what one piece of those can do to your house. They are very efficient and space savers which will make your house look so much bigger than it used to be.


2- Using large pieces of furniture in a small place will make it look bigger, however, do not over use them as the place will look swamped. A large sofa and two chairs will do wonders with your small place.


3- Using low furniture where you can almost see the floor when you walk in; will with no doubt make the place look bigger.


4- Do not use too many accessories in the room; instead you can create a centerpiece where the rest of the furniture is directed to such as the fire place in the living room, or the bed in the bedroom or the T.V in the living room.


Keeping the place clean and tidy from furniture will impact its size greatly. Try to keep the floor as clear as you can from excessive furniture.

5- Preserve a decent space between each piece of furniture.

6- Matching some pieces of the furniture with the walls colors will easily help you see how the furniture dissolves inside the wall; giving you a sense of blending space with comfort.


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B- Colors:-

It is a well-known fact that bright colors widen the space unlike what dark colors do.

Contrasts can be counted as the ultimate magic trick you have in your home by painting walls and moldings in different shades of one color which will make the walls seem further back leaving a comfort sense of space.


Using the same contrast technique can be applied even if you do not have moldings in the room, by painting the bottom of the wall a darker shade of one color while the higher part of the wall will be painted with a brighter shade of the same color; then mix both colors in the middle.

As for the ceiling, always paint it with a bright color as it will leave a feeling that it is wide open and limitless.


Another amazing trick you can do when you have two connected rooms (i.e. living room and open kitchen), is to unify the walls colors and stretch the flooring from one room to another; this will give you the sense that both rooms are actually one large room.


C- Lighting:

An interior designing advice says the more you invite natural lighting into the house the more space it gives you. Imagine using the power of both natural lighting and bright colors all in one room, you will feel like living in a mansion.

If you have wide windows, make the best use of them by allowing a larger scale of natural lighting to enter inside giving you the feeling that the exterior is an extension of the interior.


Spreading the light all over the room; will with no doubt draw the attention to other parts of the space. You can spread the light using the following techniques:-

1- Corner lights.     Rustic-Living-Room-Ideas-With-Wall-Painting-With-Brown-Sofa-and-Rounded-Area-Rug-Western-Living-Room-Ideas-With-Rustic-Furniture

2- Backlights.           contemporary-living-room

3- Lighting the ceilings and the walls.         Game-Room-blue-cabinets-blue-walls-cove-lighting-flat-panel-cabinets-flat-screen-tv-game-room-glass-shelves-louvered-door-party-room-pendan

4- Lighting two opposite walls only while the other two remain dark, will give a feeling of broadness.

D- Mirrors:-

Mirrors are great illusions to the eye. They will make every inch of your house stands out.

Mirrors have many usages to enlarge the space:-

1- Multi-function mirrors

Mirrors that are on doors or closets will help create the effect that the room is actually wide.


2- Using a mirror on a dark wall will help brighten up your wall by reflecting the brighter side of the room.


3- Adding a floor to ceiling mirror known as mirror wall will create more height and space.


4- Placing a mirror in front of a window will reflect natural lighting which we previously mentioned how it helps creating the effect of space in the room and gives the illusion of another window.


In this article we have discussed few and not all of the magic tricks you can do in your home to make it look bigger. Interior designing is a never ending art that will always find you ways to make your house look good, big, elegant…etc.




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