Here’s a list of the best touristic sites in Gulf which deserve visiting at least once in your life, don’t miss them.

Al-Maghseel beach, Salalah, Oman

Oman means paradises, mountains, beaches. It’s Allah’s paradise in Gulf region where a lot of natural touristic are located. Oman sultanate is adorned with various historic sites as well reflecting its civilization equivalent to the world’s greatest civilizations.

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Al-Maghseel is a main touristic site you can never neglect during your visit to Oman. It’s located 40 kms west Salalah. The beach has springs sprouting warm water, soft sand, and beautiful rocks forming a picturesque complex of incomparable sight.

Al-Meghessel beach




Najran is the mind and soul excursion. Monuments reflecting the Saudi Arabian authentic heritage and give a glimpse of the past like Al-Aan mansion and Al-Saadan mansion. Najran has also natural scenes for mind and conscious relief.  Najran returnee holds cultural and spiritual treasures also carries a lot of memories for himself and can be shared with his acquaintances.




360 Mall

360 mall is one of the most important getaways in Kuwait. It’s known of its extraordinary structural design, it includes numerous shops in addition to entertainment places.

360 Mall

Al Hada, Taif, Saudi Arabia

Taif is known as the capital of Arabian resorts. Al Hada region in Taif  is 2000 meters above the sea level. It offers its visitors incomparable natural sights of high mountains draped with greenery and unforgettable experiences, that’s why Al Hada is a perfect resort for you and your family. The following images could speak more about Al Hadda magnificence.

Al Hada



Arad Fort, Al Hidd, Bahrain

Through the gigantic project of King Fahd Bahrain linking between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain you can visit the gulf pearl, Kingdom of Bahrain and enjoy its atmosphere and historic sites. Arad Fort is one of Bahrain’s praised locations which speaks for people and land great heritage.

Arad Fort

Dubai Mall, Dubai, U.A.E

The biggest shopping area in the world extended on a million square meters and includes 1200 retail shops. Dubai Mall was visited in 2012 by 65 million visitors. It’s worth mentioning that New York City was visited in the same year by 52 million visitors.

Dubai Mall

Waqef Market, Doha, Qatar

A 30-minute tour in Waqef Souq or market knits in the mind various tales and stories visualizing the way our fathers and ancestors used to live. With historic houses and shops will take you 100 or 200 years back Waqef Market is not only for shopping, it’s an experience, a tour across the time to explore the past landmarks and a story you would ask to repeat more than once.

One visit to Waqef is never satisfying, each visit deepens your historical visit and adds additional details to enrich your experience, color it, and embody it more.

Waqef Market

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