Your home is your sanctuary and favorite place on earth, and choosing the best room colors can significantly affect the vibes it gives. Colors have effects on us that go way beyond enhancing our vision of the world; even when we do not recognize it, colors do not only affect how we see the world but also how we feel about it.

There are colors that are cheerful and there are colors that are grim. There are energetic colors and there are colors that tranquilize you. There are colors that simulate certain feelings (orange, yellow, and red are known for simulating hunger, which is why they are used in the logos and marketing materials of restaurants). For this, it is important to know the best room colors for each of your house’s rooms.

The following infographic contains tips and advices that would help you in choosing the best colors for each room in your place.

Needless to say, these are not strict rules; they are just studied recommendations based on the known psychological effects of the mostly used colors. However, the main rule is, and has always been, that you make sure that you are choosing the colors that make you feel comfortable and that help each room in serving its purpose whether it was to help you relax, fall asleep, be productive, or host a family gathering.

Room color choice









































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