A kitchen has to run smoothly to be functional, it also has to look good to make you happy. That is why each component in a small kitchen design must be perfectly planned and well positioned.

This means that designing a small kitchen can often take more time and effort  than designing a much bigger one.

Whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling  your old one,  you can follow  some of these tips to make the most out of your small kitchen design.

This is how you make a small kitchen feel grand:


1. Be creative with the kitchen table

Be creative with the kitchen table

You may not have the space for a full dining table, but maybe you could find a cute small table to add to your small kitchen.

Opt for a round table, and pick table and chair designs that block the least amount of light to increase the sense of space.

A circular table can save so much space in a small kitchen design. A movable table could easily do that trick too.

Or you can use a bigger kitchen table if you lose the chairs and only put  chairs on two ends.
In this case, you could tuck extra stools underneath to pull out for extra guests when needed.


2. Stick to the color pallet

Stick to the color pallet

A strict color palette will help your small kitchen look pulled together and streamlined. Using one color in a space will blur the lines making it appear more spacious.

If you do not want your kitchen to dominate your open plan space, going with an all white pallet in your small kitchen design will help it vanish into the background.

But if that leaves you yearning for color in your space, add a splash of color with some bold accents.

Use color strategically so it flashes rather than dominates, try to limit bright colors to your accessories and appliances.


3. Look up

Look up

Vertical lines can give the illusion of seeing a far taller and grander  space than what is really there.

Minimize chopped  horizontal lines to visually stretch your little kitchen vertically. You can even consider hiding drawers behind two smooth doors.

Additionally, floor-to-ceiling cupboards maximize storage in a small kitchen design as well as making a room look taller.

4. Think outside drawers and cabinets

Think outside drawers and cabinets

More drawer or cabinet space is not always the answer. With the use of a collection of rails, hooks, baskets and racks, a blank wall can be transformed into a fun storage space.

A cutlery drawer for example may be a luxury you cannot afford in a small kitchen. In that case, consider other options such as decorative cutlery stands.

Not only utensils, pans and towels that can be hung on a wall storage but also fruits and vegetables. Think of hanging a vegetable basket for instance.

A lack of work-space is often considered the most annoying thing in a small kitchen. So instead of having fruit bowls cluttering up your kitchen island, go for baskets and hang them on walls.

This adds more dimension to your small kitchen design and minimize clutter clearing your work-space.


5. Add a metallic sheen

Add a metallic sheen

Cupboards with glass doors enhance the illusion of having space by bouncing light. Moreover, glossy wall tiles add to that effect.

Similar to glass or mirrors on a wall, metallic colors bounce light around and add some glamour to the space making it appear more grand.


6. Scale it down

Scale it down

If you do not have room for a full size island, think of adding a slimmer one rather that foregoing one at all. This will add some valuable work-space into a small kitchen.

Also consider using smaller appliances, seek out the smaller version of everything you will need in your kitchen.


7. Make use of any available space

Make use of any available space

Space is a valuable commodity in a small kitchen, so try to make the most of any given space.

If you have dead space on your kitchen wall, you can make use of it with a beautiful pullout pantry cabinet

Or add a nifty niche in the dead space next to the oven. Or build some open shelves on the outside of the peninsula.

In addition to that, use wall space or even the end of an island or a peninsula for hooks or a rail to hang tea towels, pots, pans and utensils.

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