When people try to decorate on a budget, floors often go unnoticed. Most people think they can just put a rug on the floor and just cover the flooring if they do not care for it. However, changing it or covering it completely should not always be a costly option. There are several affordable flooring options in the market now, things that cater to all budgets.

And here are some suggestions for unique and affordable flooring options.

Vinyl is not as ugly as you think

Vinyl is not as ugly as you think

We are happy to announce that vinyl peel, and stick tiles are now more stylish than ever. They are no longer the ugly ducklings of the flooring world. They are now one of the best affordable flooring options.

Thanks to new printing technologies it is now possible to print patterns that closely resemble real things like aged wood, or hand painted ceramic on stick tiles.

They are easy to apply yourself; this can be a DIY project. But make sure to apply it to clean and level surfaces. And the good news is, if you are a renter, removing them later will not damage the surface underneath.

Interlocking foam floor tiles are not just for kids’ rooms

Interlocking foam floor tiles are not just for kids’ rooms

When it comes to cheap and cheerful affordable flooring options, nothing is quite as colorful and comfortable as interlocking foam floor tiles.

They are available now in a broad range of colors, patterns, and styles from faux wood to geometric patterns.

Foam tiles are the perfect cover to a cold floor as it will warm things up. They are also ideal for softening the sound of stomping feet and the playing noises from the kids’ room.

They are also very good for toddlers’ rooms as they can cushion most falls.

Foam tiles usually resemble giant puzzle pieces. Their simple interlocking design makes assembling them very easy.

Paint old hardwood floors

Paint old hardwood floors

If your hardwood floors have seen better days, you can make a DIY project out of renovating them.

Getting a professional to refinish them is fairly expensive, and refinishing them yourself might be a little challenging.

However, sanding these floors and covering them with a fresh coat of paint is pretty easy and inexpensive.

You can use chalk paint to transform your floor. It has a thick and creamy consistency that beautifully adheres to wood surfaces. It is also nontoxic and odor free.

Remember to apply a clear coat to protect the surface when the paint dries though.

Carpeting or carpet tiles, this is the question

Carpeting or carpet tiles, this is the question

Carpeting has always been the go to option for cheap and easy floor cover.

However carpet tiles are the more modern version, they come with removable glue dots that make installing and later removing each tile super easy.

These tiles are washable, which makes keeping them clean easier than hard installed carpet.

Carpet tiles are also modular, so you can arrange them to create a one of a kind floor.

Tear down the floor

Tear down the floor

All the rage this year, concrete floors are as cheap as they are trendy.

This cheap flooring option may already be installed and waiting as the subfloor beneath your current floor.

A concrete surface is usually the top face of the foundation slab or sometimes it is part of the structure of the house.

This rough and durable material can be inexpensively treated with a variety of decorative methods that can soften its look, while also creating color and patterns that can simulate the look of natural stone.

If stone is too expensive go for pebbles

If stone is too expensive go for pebbles

Large-format stones may be elegant and stylish, but this comes with a high price tag.

You can create the same spa like effect in your bathroom with pebbles as a more budget friendly option.

You can buy colorful pebbles already attached to mesh for easy installation. Or, start a DIY project and head to the beach or river to collect your own unique collection.

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