Thinking of buying a house? There are probably millions of stuff to think about, like location, cost, neighborhood, mortgage…etc. However, many of you might skip a secondary factor which is the part of choosing the right floor to live on.

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Well, let me tell you that choosing the suitable floor is a big thing as it will affect your lifestyle in so many ways beyond your imagination. And here is where I come to give you some factors you could use to evaluate which floor is best for you.


1- View:-

Are you a big fan of walking up to a breathtaking city or sea view? Then choosing a top floor apartment is what you are looking for.

It doesn’t have to be a top floor unit, as your apartment can still overlook an amazing view from the middle floor as well.

2- Accessibility:-

If you choose to live on a top floor apartment, keep in mind to look for buildings with more than one elevator as many people get bored waiting for an elevator. Also one elevator serving a large building will probably be packed up with people by the time it reaches your floor.

As for middle and ground floor apartments this won’t be an issue as they are already near the ground, hence stairs would be a suitable choice in case the elevator broke down or there is no space for another toe inside it.

Look for buildings that have a big entrances in case you want to move some furniture in or out of your apartment.

Last but not least, emergency exists are very important especially for top floor residents where help can take time to reach them in case of emergencies.

3- Security systems:-

Let’s be real, having a 24 hour security system in any residential building these days is a must, however, for ground floor residents this should be on the top of their list when considering ground floor apartments.


Because ground floor apartments have higher breaking in risk than middle and top floor apartments.

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4- Hustle:-

Some buildings have restaurants, cafes, shops on their ground floors or nearby, hence, if you have a hard time putting up with noise then ground floor apartments are not your best option.

Also, keep in mind that living on top floors, you will not have to worry about foot traffic in hallways and staircases, but you will have to be careful with regards to your own foot noise inside your apartment so as not to bother neighbors below you. And vice versa for ground floor residents, they won’t have to worry about their own noise inside but they will face noises from above neighbors and visitors coming in and out of the building.

5- Phobias:-

Do you have any fear of any kind? Fear of heights, fear of small places (elevators), then top floor apartments will be a big problem for you.

Bottom line:-

There are no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing suitable floor to live on, all you have to do is weight these factors and choose what suits you best.


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