Amwaj Islands – Bahrain’s first freehold area:

Petroleum industries have been established for a long time as the backbone of the economy of the GCC countries. However, due to its relatively limited petroleum resources, the Kingdom of Bahrain started developing its non-economic sectors to boost its economy many years ago.

In this matter, with greater focus on financial services, real estate, and tourism sectors. Amwaj Islands came as one of the earliest and most successful ventures aimed at boosting these sectors.

Amwaj Islands was the first freehold area in Bahrain; because of that, it continued to be a leading attraction for regional and international investors. It is also the first manmade island project to be developed in Bahrain, followed by Durrat Al Bahrain, Diyar Al Muharraq, and Dilmunia.

In this article, we will demonstrate what you might need to know about Amwaj Islands including its specifications, property market, and the reasons that make it one of the top spots for expats in Bahrain.

Amwaj Islands Specifications:

Located 10.5 kilometers northeast of Bahrain’s main island, Amwaj Islands span around 4.3 square kilometers of reclaimed lands. The megaproject comprises six man-made islands, each offering its unique exquisite lifestyle: Tala, Najmah, Asdaf, Murjan, Jood, and Lulu.


Amwaj Islands’ Property Market:

Amwaj Islands have long established itself as one of the most expensive and premier areas to live in Bahrain; the man-made islands provide a wide range of residential options that vary from flats for rent in Amwaj Island, one-bedroom flats to spacious villas.

For example, you can buy an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment in Mareena 7 with a mesmerizing waterview and access to many amenities at an average price of 80,000BD. Renting one-bedroom apartment in Amwaj, on the other hand, ranges between 450 and 500BD per month.

For more spacious options, an elegantly furnished two-bedroom flat in Amwaj islands in a tower that houses multiple amenities would cost you around 115,000BD. As for the average rentals of two-bedroom apartments in Amwaj, they can reach up to 700BD per month.

As expensive as Amwaj might be as a residential area, there are multiple reasons that verify its high prices and would make you consider moving to and/or investing in Amwaj Islands’ properties:


1- Unique Location:

The islands offer their residents a relaxing environment and luxurious waterfront properties where they can enjoy the magical views of the blue waters while having easy access to Al Muharraq island via two causeways, each with a length of 1 kilometer.

Amwaj Islands are also 4.5 kilometers away from Bahrain International Airport and 15 minutes away from Bahrain’s capital city, which makes it an even more desirable destination for tourists and, therefore, the hospitality industry.

2- Ownership:

In the year 2000, the plan to provide foreigners with 100% freehold land ownership was forged; Amwaj was the first outcome of this plan. Amwaj Islands is the first and one of the most sough-after freeholds areas in Bahrain. This means that non-Bahraini citizens have the right to purchase and own properties in Amwaj Islands.

Because of this, it has established itself over the years as a popular spot to live, visit and invest in.

3- Facilities and Services:

One of the features that make Amwaj Islands a favorite spot for expats is that it is an integrated residential complex; it boasts an array of superior services and facilities that make life on it as holistic as it gets.

Amwaj comprises hospitals and healthcare centers like the American Mission Hospital and Seef Dental. As for educational facilities, Lulu Island encompasses Choueifat International School.

In addition to that, Amwaj Islands encompasses high-end commercial buildings like Meritas House (Amwaj Business Park formerly) which offers upscale office spaces with stunning sea views.

4- Hotels and Resorts:

Hospitality is one of the most – if not the most – active industries in Amwaj Islands, and it only makes sense; the man-made islands receive a significant percentage of Bahrain’s tourists and visitors each year.

A lot of luxurious hotel brands saw this lucrative opportunity and launched multiple hotels and resorts to meet this demand; Amwaj is home to multiple 4- and 5-star hospitality projects like ART Rotana Hotel and Resort- which has its own private beach, The Grove Hotel and Resort, The Sealoft Boutique Chalets, Ramada Hotel and Suites, and Dragon Hotel and Resort.

5- Attractions:

To make good use of its breathtaking views and nature, Amwaj Islands feature fascinating attractions and holiday spots for tourists and visitors like:

The Lagoon Park:

Located at the heart of Amwaj Islands, the Lagoon comprises around 55,000 square meters of retail and commercial spaces. The destination offers a multitude of activities that suit all family members.

Whether you aim to relax in one of the spa and/or beauty centers that the park houses, or you are up to attend one of the cultural and art festivals that it hosts, or you want to go shopping across the outlets of the most renowned lifestyle brands, or have some scrumptious treat in one of the its many restaurants and cafes that range from fast food joints to restaurants that serve cuisines from all around the world, you will find what you need and more.

Azizia Bird Kingdom:

If you love nature and exploring new bird species you know little or nothing about, Azizia Bird Kingdom is the right place for you.

With more than 70 species of rare and colorful birds inhabiting it that include the world’s biggest pigeon, a red-vented cockatoo, and Java peacocks, Azizia Bird Kingdom comes as one of the attractions you must pay a visit to in Bahrain.

6- Water Sports and Activities:

The isolated location of Amwaj Islands away from the city’s busy fast-paced life and daily routine provides generous space for recreational and relaxing activities.

Many of the homes and villas in Amwaj grant quick access to its beautiful azure waters, making it easier to enjoy many water activities.

Learning to dive has never been easier with the Boating International Sea Services Marina right around the corner. It is the only recognized RYA training center in Bahrain

Different types of water activities such as kite and windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, swimming, and even fishing are also available.

7-  Unrivaled Lifestyle:

With landscaped walkways, magical beaches, and parks scattered across the islands, Amwaj grants its residents a clean and quiet environment to live and work in.

Also, Amwaj Marina takes the luxurious lifestyle to another level; being the main water gateway to Amwaj Island attractions, the marina has 145 berths for accommodating boats and supplying them with the needed fuel and maintenance and cleaning services, in addition to a super yacht dock with the length of 140 meters that can accommodate up to 4 super yachts.

The marina also offers the opportunity to learn and practice several different boating activities.

To summarize, if you are looking for a new spot to live in with high luxurious living standards in Bahrain with already established services and facilities, Amwaj Islands should definitely be on the top of your possible choices.