Despite its fast-paced lifestyle which was forced by its nature as a trade and business hub, the Kingdom of Bahrain has maintained its image as a nation that celebrates its rich and colorful culture and history. The island kingdom has consistently been hosting art events and exhibitions, as well as restoring ancient houses and monuments; most of these exhibits are housed in the lively neighborhood of Adliya.

A Bohemian district in the heart of Manama, Adliya is not only the Bahraini land of art exhibitions and cultural events; the famous neighborhood is also an entertainment and leisure hub for the entire kingdom. This is because Adliya houses several world-class fine dining restaurants and cafes, including restaurants that serve international cuisines.

For these reasons, Adliya is famous for having one of the most prosperous and competitive local property markets in Bahrain; therefore, this article puts the district under scrutiny to present you with the details you need to know about it. This includes details about its demographics, facilities and services, main attractions, economy and investment, and property market.

Adliya’s Location:

Situated within the heart of the Bahraini capital, Adliya lisin within a close proximity to some of the most vital locations in the island kingdom, including the Royal Palace, Al Qudaiybya Palace, Al Fateh Grand Mosque and Bahrain National Museum and Theater which hosts many annual art events, festivals and concerts.

In addition to that, Adliya grants its residents a quick access to its most important districts including Juffair, Gudaibya, and Hoora. The western end of the district also overlooks Shiekh Isa Avenue; also, its northern end overlooks Salmaniya Street which separates it from Salmaniya Garden, and Andalus Garden.

For these reasons, the district is a favorite spot for tourists, visitors and expats.


Due to its touristic nature, Adliya’s most prosperous industry is hospitality, entertainment and leisure. We can see this clearly in the several hotels and food and beverage facilities that fill the district. In addition to these sectors, art festivals and cultural events constitute a major part of the neighborhood’s landscape and economy.

Facilities and Services:

Adliya neighborhood comprises several services and amenities that help facilitate and satisfy its residents’ daily needs. This includes schools like Sheikh Abdulaziz School, the Eastern Private School and RIA School; hospitals like Al Baraka Fertility Hospital, Dar Al Hekma Center and Al Hilal Multi Specialty Medical Center; and a post office.

Touristic Attractions:

As a major leisure destination, Adliya houses multiple hotels that range between 3-star and 5-star hotels; this includes Ramada Hotel Bahrain, Bahrain Carlton Hotel, Sea Shell Hotel, Andalus Plaza Hotel, and Gulf Hotel Bahrain.

On the other hand, the area comprises high-end shopping malls like KONE Bahrain and The Nest Shopping Festival; not only that, but Adliya’s location also allows its residents to get to other similar destinations in surrounding areas.

Adliya also houses Al Bareh Gallery, which is considered a main go-to site for the art lovers who are visiting the island kingdom.

Block 338:

Restaurants are known to be one of Bahrain’s most active industriesBlock 338, known as Bahrain’s fine dining district, is the most famous part of Adliya for this reason. The block is a pedestrian-only area; and in addition to housing an abundance of restaurants and cafes that range from delicious fast food outlets to fine dining restaurants and restaurants that serve dishes from the Indian, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, and Brazilian cuisines, it also comprises Al Riwaq Art Gallery which helps promoting and showcasing the artworks of the rising Bahraini artists.

Also, while in Block 338, you can simply cross Osama bin Zaid avenue to get to Phoenicia Center.

Adliya’s Property Market:

With such a luxurious lifestyle, Adliya’s property market has naturally became a fierce active one. It is one of the top destinations for investors who want to launch a business venture in Bahrian.

Unlike most of the other areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the commercial sector dominates the real estate market in Adliya. For example, you find a commercial building for sale in Adliya for prices that start from 550,000 BD.

As for land, the price for purchasing a land plot in Adliya differs of course according to its area, location and purpose. However, the overall average price for lands in Adliya is 365,000 BD.

On the other hand, the area’s rental market for residential properties has more to offer; this could be attributed to the district being favored by the expats and non-Bahraini citizens. For starters, renting an upscale apartment in Adliya, fully furnished, can cost the average amount of 625 BD per month; meanwhile, if you prefer to rent one of Adliya’s luxurious villas, you can achieve that for the average monthly cost of 1,150BD.

Adliya is without a doubt the de facto lively leisure and entertainment hub of the Kingdom of Bahrain; and all the real-time indicators confirm that it will continue to play that role in the near future at least, which marks it as a home of some of the best real estate investment opportunities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.