The long sunny days of summer are behind us, and as the weather gets cooler and the leaves get more colorful outside, your house should reflect that with more warmth and some cozy fall design trends inside.

One of the best things about fall is the feeling it invokes, the warm sunny days followed by early cool nights create a wonderful contrast.

Our desire to reflect this contrast of brightness and coziness in our homes this fall seems to be a natural next step as we approach the new season.

Nonetheless, transforming your home for the seasons does not have to mean going overboard with your time or budget.

In fact, adding a few specific pieces to your space can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your home this fall.

So warm up your house with these 2017 fall design trends.

Warm comfy knit throws

Warm comfy knit throws

Draping the right throw can make any room look more warm and inviting.

Chunky knit throws are very trendy this fall, especially in warmer colors like light browns or neutral off whites.

Woven textures add organic warmth to your home. It is a very simple and budget friendly way to say fall is here.

It also adds functionality in addition to style; such a throw can be perfect for napping in front of the TV.

And floor pillows are back to your living room this fall, mostly chunky knit floor pillows. It is all about woven fabrics in fall 2017, the more texture the better!

Rich colors

Rich colors

While white on white was all the rage the past summer, designers are getting over the pale trend.

The color palette this fall is wonderfully rich, so warm up your rooms with some color.

After years of idolizing neutrals, cranberry, pumpkin, hunter greens and earthy browns are all back this fall.

If dark rich colors are not your thing go for blush or millennial pink, the color is proving to be very popular with designers this season.

From vintage glassware, to velvet pillows, to antique pantries, everything looks great in blush.

Color has even made it to the ceiling this year. You can infuse warmth in your home with an accent ceiling in a rich hue.

Brass, bronze and gold

Brass, bronze and gold

Add a touch of glam, as well as warmth, to your space by adding warmer-toned brass, bronze and copper accents.

We are also seeing a lot of gold accents this fall, in both accessories and furniture.

Nothing is more alluring or more glamorous than a rich color scheme that incorporates luxurious bronze or gold accents.

Mix and match materials

Mix and match materials

A great fall design trend is to mix up the materials! You can easily add this chic trend to your space with curtains, throws, pillows and poufs.

For example, to give the bedroom a warm and fuzzy fall feeling, change out bedding, throws and throw pillows for something thicker with more texture.

You can layer wools, cashmeres, knit materials and a touch of satin.

And do not forget to throw some velvet to the mix; velvet is lavish, inviting, warm and a must-have addition to your home this fall and winter.

Earthy elements

Earthy elements

Add some nature to your home this season!

Think fall floral patterns mixed with beautiful organic ceramics, jute rugs, woven lampshades and linen tablecloths, natural materials and natural patterns are all the rage this fall.

This trend is all about natural elements being used together. The color palette includes off whites, soft creams and greenery, from more bold greens and sage colors to deep, rich floral hues.

You can also add some earthy autumn accents like cotton boll bouquets, eucalyptus branches and some pretty organic candles.

Handmade items

Handmade items

2017 is the year of handmade; the items vary from fine artisan pieces that show excellent craftsmanship to raw DIY pieces.

And the trend continues this fall; handmade items show skill and technique, they also add character to a space.

Whether you choose to add a handmade wooden table to your living room or a handmade quilt to your bedroom, a handmade item adds warmth that becomes fall.

Texture, texture and more texture

Texture, texture and more texture

Texture is very trendy in all design elements this fall. We are seeing a lot of textured materials everywhere.

Not only in furnishings and beddings but designers are also venturing on the side of heavier knits and textures when it comes to area rugs this fall.

Moreover, textured walls are back! It is trendy again to choose finishes like an ultra-suede or faux mohair for your wall treatment.

And just as color, texture has found its way to the ceiling.

Textured wallpaper, foam ceiling tile and wooden beams, designers are adding texture to the fifth wall in all sorts of materials.

Vintage leather

Vintage leather

Leather is a timeless and durable design element. One of the most unique fall design trends this year is vintage leather with some great patina.

This is a great way to bring warmth into a space for the cooler seasons. Leather brings texture depth, and color into the room.

And it is simple to incorporate by adding a chair, stool or a footstool. Or you can opt for smaller accents and accessories.

Faux fur

Faux fur

The jury is still out on this one, we are not sure if we recommend the trend but faux fur is definitely a trend this season.

Featuring faux fur in your home is a sure way to warm up a room or sitting area.

Believe it or not, the old-fashioned bear-rug is back!

If you do not want to go all the way with a full rug you can try a faux fur seat cover or chair cover, a faux fur throw or some furry pillows might also be a simple option.


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