While design trends can spice things up while you are living in the house, they may not appeal to all buyer’s tastes. Some bad design trends can turn buyers completely off your property.

Using a more neutral tone in your home may help to attract more buyers.

Buyers want to picture themselves in a home before they purchase it, and highly individualistic touches can get in the way of that.

So, if you want to sell your house, here are the top five bad design trends that turn off buyers.

1- Bold paint colors and wallpaper

Bold paint colors and wallpaper

Bad colors instantly turn off buyers, so stay away from bright colors, multiple-colored living spaces and metallic colors.

When decorating, it is best is to stick to an appealing hue for the walls like beige, soft white, and gray hues. And use accessories to provide pops of color

Most importantly, Keep the paint color consistent throughout the home.

Also, wallpaper is increasingly being incorporated into interior design, often in a bold graphic patterns.

But wallpaper, even if it is only on one wall as is the design trend this year, is an extremely personal choice and time-consuming to remove if it does not appeal to the buyer.

Consider replacing wallpaper with a neutral paint for broader appeal if you want to sell your house.

2- Converted rooms

Converted rooms

If you have converted an unused room in your house make sure you can easily convert it back when you are ready to sell. People want rooms built for their original purpose.

It might have made sense to turn the spare bedroom into a space dedicated to your favorite hobby.

The problem though is that a buyer sees this as a wasted space for them instead of a third bedroom.

Likewise, if you convert your garage into a space tailored to your specific needs, it may not suit your potential buyers. Getting rid of your garage is always one of the bad design trends. People want a covered parking space so that they have a safe place for their car.

3- Too modern or too outdated bathrooms

Too modern or too outdated bathrooms

Elaborate, contemporary bathrooms might be one of the big design trends this year in design magazines, but this interest is rarely mirrored in the property market.

When inspecting a home, most buyers look for practical, low-maintenance bathrooms.

And outdated bathrooms with gold or silver fixtures can give a home an old-fashioned feel.

Switching out the faucet and door handles with a more appealing finish, such as brushed nickel, is relatively inexpensive and can help make your home appear sleek rather than out of style.

Also, a turn off is the trend of an open master tub in the master bedroom. This is the absolute worst of all bad design trends. No one really wants to shower or bathe in the middle of a bedroom!

4- Poor flooring choices

Poor flooring choices

Despite being all the rage now among design trends with their modern and minimal look, concrete floors are not that appealing to buyers as they are to interior designers.

Although they are durable and easy to clean, they might not be an attractive option to families with children because they can be noisy and cold.

Additionally, carpets, specifically wall-to-wall ones, are not usually what buyers are looking for.

Buyers do not want to waste their money or energy on removing a carpet in order to show what’s underneath.

Instead, they would rather opt for a property with hardwood floors that will never go out of style.

5- Clashing colors and styles

Clashing colors and styles

vibrant colors can be an interesting choice, but they might leave a bad first impression on potential buyers, especially if the color schemes are not consistent throughout your house.

Instead, use a maximum of three colors. Two for the walls and the third for all the trim, but it has to be kept consistent throughout the home.

This gives you more options and yet does not cause the dizzying effect of half a dozen various colors throughout the home.

It also provides continuity rather than giving the home a chopped up effect.

When it comes to style, steer clear of decorating your rooms in different styles.

Instead, choose one one design style that will emphasize the beauty of your home and be consistent.

Buyers generally respond favorably to homes that showcase a cohesive look, so try to stick to the one style.

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