Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH) aims to promote the Kingdom of Bahrain as a major financial center in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East.

It plans to achieve that by forming an integrated developmental system that includes under its roof the best financial companies. It also includes the headquarters of the Bahrain Stock Exchange.

The Harbour consists of two towers – Commercial East and Commercial West – in between them the harbor gate. Together they make the Kingdom’s most prominent business hub.

Bahrain enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the Gulf region, with the main business centers of  Riyadh, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Doha nearby, no more than an hour away.

BFH is located just 10 minutes from Bahrain International Airport, and 20 minutes from King Fahd Causeway, which links Bahrain to the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, which is the largest economy in the Gulf region. In addition to that, it is also near Bab Al Bahrain, Bahrain’s commercial beating heart.

Why BFH?


Bahrain Financial Harbour is one of the most prestigious business headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Its contemporary buildings that make up the horizon of the Kingdom include office spaces with international standard equipment. The Harbour towers were designed to meet all the needs of the financial and commercial firms.

BFH extends over an area of 380 thousand square meters, with one of the most sophisticated infrastructures in the region, from a technological standpoint. Over 2,500 employees occupy its offices and more than 800 visitors pass by every day.

Bahrain Investors Center has rented 3,700 square meters to serve as a one-stop shop for all the needs of investors, with a single window system used to establish new corporates.

Spectacular Designs


Bahrain Financial Harbour towers can be seen anywhere throughout the Kingdom’s horizon. They are the tallest towers in Bahrain, standing 260 meters high. Each tower is 53 floors with panoramic views of the picturesque capital.

Harbor Towers are designed according to the latest contemporary designs in order to impress anyone who sets foot inside, starting at the impressive two-level reception area.

The Harbour Gate


The vibrant gate includes restaurants and cafes dedicated to supporting business.

It also has an ongoing program of cultural events throughout the year, which aims to create a vibrant atmosphere for both tenants and visitors.

The gate offers a range of business units and shops for food and beverages available for rent, with competitive terms.

Office Suites

The towers provide a wide range of office suites available for rent with competitive terms. Office spaces range from 50 square meters to 1,800 square meters per floor.

Space distribution allows tenants to make the best out of the space without needing to plan a lot. Tenants can also choose from equipped or unequipped spaces – according to their desire and needs.

There are also a number of service operators at the Harbour who provide smaller wings with more flexible lease terms, as well as a business center that provides a full range of affiliated services.

Private Business Club

Bahrain Financial Harbour

The Capital Club an exclusive private club for businessmen members, located on the fifty-first and fifty-second floors of Commercial East.

The club provides a range of premium services to its members, in addition to restaurants that serve delicious Arab and Western cuisines in a relaxed and entertaining setting.

Modern Services

Bahrain Financial Harbour

Bahrain Financial Harbour includes 24 elevators, all working sequentially, thereby contributing to the reduction of wait times.

Control systems are available throughout the Harbour, in addition to a CCTV system, which works with the help of 600 cameras providing high-level comprehensive insurance.

It has a dedicated service area in the basement, to serve all floors and the gate. There are over 3,000 parking spots with designated areas for employees and visitors.

Fiber-optic cables guarantee the Harbour is using the latest information and communication technologies.

Fire alarm systems are tested and training on emergency evacuation operations is held on a regular basis. The help desk can be reached on the phone round the clock, for all matters relating to management and maintenance.

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