Although public infrastructure continues to grow and improve in the small island nation of Bahrain, private cars are still the most popular mode of transportation. It is fairly easy to rent a car in Bahrain, however, there are a number of things to consider before starting your car engine. Car rental in Bahrain is located in three different locations on the island, Bahrain International Airport, Manama Center, and Manai Plaza. All major car rental companies, including Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, Europcar, Budget, etc., are represented here, along with many other smaller companies. Car rental in Bahrain costs increases whenever in large cities. In order to rent a car in Bahrain, one of the following procedures is required: an international driver’s license, a British driver’s license, or an EC, or a driver’s license from a GCC country. The license must be approved by the General Traffic Department, and this is easily done in the rental office.

Bahrain Roads

Bahrain Roads - Car Rental in Bahrain

Driving in Bahrain is relatively safe, however, roads are getting more crowded recently. Driving on the road here presents challenges for some drivers who are not accustomed to maneuvering in the Middle East, and motorists must spend time until they become aware of the distinctions.

First, driving is on the right side of the road, as is the case in Europe and American signs are displayed prominently and are published in Arabic and English.

The roads are monitored by the traffic police, who are identified by their white vehicles with red lines, and it is expected that laws will be complied with.

There is a widespread use of modern traffic equipment, including speed cameras and light sensors. Motorists must wear seat belts at all times and be fined for not using them.

The presence of twisty roads is confusing for many drivers who have not tested them before. Although phased out by the government in favor of merging the passages, they still prevail.

In Bahrain, the correct path is given to vehicles already in the roundabout, and signs dictate this. Some rotors have stoplights, preventing vehicles from entering the rotor when the light is red, even if there are no vehicles currently in the rotor.

Exit vehicles must remain soon in the right lane of the rotating vehicle, and exit vehicles later must maintain the left lane. Drivers should remain vigilant and polite while spinning, and ready to make room for other vehicles when necessary.

Driving at Night

Driving at Night

Alcoholic beverages and driving are strictly prohibited in Bahrain. Simply smelling alcohol on the same driver is enough to stop.

Penalties for drunk driving include prison and heavy fines. Although Bahrain is home to the International Circle, the speed limit for roads here is 120 km / h, and the speed is seriously monitored by the traffic police and their speed guns.

Car horns use is an art form in Bahrain, similar to its use in Europe. The sound of horns indicates a stern warning and must be fully considered.

A shorter horn sound is used for a slight warning, or even thank you. Repeated century explosions are a directive for other drivers to move, and are often neglected at the crossroads of temporary car drivers.

Likewise, the use of headlights serves multiple purposes in Bahrain. Drivers may flash low rays to indicate their willingness to allow another vehicle to pass.

In other cases, the request may be given the right of way. Motorists should be aware of these differences and make an effort to understand the nuances of driving here.

Drivers should pay careful attention to roads on weekends when Bahrain is particularly crowded with vacationers from other countries, who are not well versed in driving on the island. Likewise, pedestrian traffic is greatly increased at the weekend.

All of that, driving in Bahrain is a fairly easy task, especially compared to traveling in other Middle Eastern cities.

The car is necessary to visit most sites on the island, as well as to travel across the bridge to Saudi Arabia.

The fact that the price of gasoline is very inexpensive and taxis very unreliable makes car travel the easiest and most affordable option.

What is the most popular car available for rent in Bahrain?

What is the most popular car available for rent in Bahrain? - Car Rental in Bahrain

Economical cars such as (Hyundai Accent or similar) are the most common types of rental cars that are booked in Bahrain.

Average prices for Car Rentals in Manama

Average prices for Car Rentals in Manama

If you are looking for a car rental in Bahrain, then make sure you got a great price deal. It could start with 86 BD/day, while if you are looking for a big family car such as 4×4 then it will cost you about 242 BD/day. The average car rental in Manama costs 159 BD per day.

How to get the best deal on car rental in Bahrain?

Figure Out What Kind of Car You Need

How to get the best deal on car rental in Bahrain? - Car Rental in Bahrain

The first thing you need to do when going to rent a car is to know the type of car that best suits your needs.

Narrowing the types of cars you care about is essential to make sure your search for the perfect rental is not overwhelming. Now that you’ve done that, you’re now ready to see what’s out there.

Searching for the best deal

Searching for the best deal

Many factors can determine the price as well. Prices may vary depending on whether the pick up occurs at the airport location, neighborhood location, and time of the week (all associated with the specific vehicle type).

Avoid renting from the airport

Avoid renting from the airport - Car Rental in Bahrain

The airport has a captive audience, and when you have a captive audience, you can always pay an additional fee for that.

This also applies to airport car rental agencies: most of them charge extra fees because they know they can. These can add up.

Booking a location in a neighborhood (or a location near the airport) is much cheaper than the time at the airport directly.

It can sometimes be cheaper to book in a live location and then take a taxi to the reserved location.

Shop around online

Shop around online

Look at sites like Kayak, Priceline and compare your options and narrow down the deal.

After that, you can go directly to the car rental company website. You may find steeper discounts this way, especially with “pay now” options. Just keep in mind that prepaid rents are usually non-refundable.

Options for economy cars

Options for economy cars - Car Rental in Bahrain

Economic cars are usually cheaper and therefore more likely to be booked. Just don’t book something too small for your party or you might get stuck in cramming five people plus luggage in a two-door coupe. Not exactly a comfortable vacation you had in mind.

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