It is never too early to include a desk in your child’s room; it is good for more than being a studying space.

When your kids are young they can play with toys and coloring books, and later on they get to use the desk for homework.

And as your children grow up and move into the upper grades, they are bound to have more homework.

So setting up an organized, quiet space to study can help make their life and yours much easier.

Here are a few tips for getting your child’s study space setup:

Choose a creative design for younger kids

Choose a creative design for younger kids

You can purchase a desk with a funny design to encourage younger kids to spend more time studying and reading books.

For example, a superhero themed desk will give the whole room an amazing look.

Or you can find functional study desks with different cartoon characters’ shapes.

You can always purchase such a desk with the design and color your children choose.

Coordinate coordinate

Coordinate coordinate

Even though you want to choose a quirky design and make your kids happy, your kid’s study desk should complement the theme of the room to create a unity in the place.

Try to choose something that will enhance your room.

For instance, if you have a theme in the room, you can find the desk and chair that will blend with that theme.

Even if you are on a budget, you can still design an amazing desk to meet your child’s needs, with a color that matches your decor.

You can opt for a simple colorful desk, or a desk with interesting form and shape.

Consider space

Consider space

If you have a small room to work with do not worry about taking up a lot of space, find a good option that suits your needs.

For instance, a wall-mounted desk would be a pretty nice idea. It takes absolutely no floor space so there is plenty of room for playing around when the desk is not used.

Another way to save space is using a desk that opens from the top. Instead of including drawers and shelves, the desk is small and simple. The top folds up and reveal storage space.

Or the desk can be a part of a larger wall unit; it can be incorporated in a design that also includes shelves, drawers and other storage spaces.

Maybe even two or more kids can share the same desk; use a table with chairs instead of a traditional desk and everyone can share.

Add essentials

Add essentials

Include a calendar with important dates and assignments, having it near the studying space help your kids organize their timeline.

A very good idea also is to add a clock with a timer. It can help kids stay focused and avoid dragging out homework.

A designated spot for the schoolbag will help with organization as well. Have them pack up as soon as the homework is done so it is ready to go in the morning.

A white board or a bulletin board will help keep the space neat and organized; they can use them for notes and memos.

Add more

Add more

If you have a starting reader in your house, it is essential to make reading time appealing.

Devote a space in your child’s room for keeping and displaying their favorite books. A nice comfortable chair as well as a desk nearby will encourage your child to settle down with a good book.

You can use a bookcase or some nice shelves for those books.

Or, since thin paperbacks can get lost in a big bookcase, instead of shelving them alongside bigger books, why don’t you try to create themed book baskets that encourage exploration?

You can even personalize the baskets to suit your child’s taste, and categories by book series or by genre and be sure to label the baskets clearly.

Do not forget to provide good lighting for this reading nook.

If floor space is limited, use height.

If the room is too small to comfortably fit a bed and a desk and still maintain good traffic flow you can create more space by using height.

Either raise the bed on a platform, build a studying space underneath or vice versa. This creates a really cool design, especially for older kids, and gives you extra storage space as well.

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