Everyone wants to be a little bit more organized. Organized people live in organized homes. And who does not want to live in a nice organized home.

But even if you cannot find your organizing streak do not worry because research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit.

So by following some of these easy ideas, you could be three weeks away from a brand new, organized you.

Highly organized people live by these 10 habits:

1-Organized people have a place for everything

Organized people have a place for everything

The best cure for clutter is making room for items in the location they are used, not where there is space.

The further your belongings are from where you use them means the more time and effort to retrieve them, and the less likelihood you will put them back once they have been used.

2-Organized people usually have less

Organized people usually have less

It is as simple as that : The less there is, the less there is to organize.

Organized homes should not be filled with excess possessions. If you can narrow down to just the necessities, you are bound to be left only with the items you use regularly and love.

Having less of anything makes organizing your belongings a breeze.

3-Organized people tidy up immediately

Organized people tidy up immediately

You can call this the one minute rule, and ten minute tidy-up.

The one minute rule declares any task that can be done in under a minute should be done immediately, like putting away your laptop after using it or hanging up a coat.

Then, every night before bed, take ten minutes to tidy up clutter in your home.

These little rules will let you stay on top of things.

4-Organized people downsize as often as possible

Organized people downsize as often as possible

Organized people go through their belongings regularly to determine  what is not needed anymore.

Any item that does not serve a purpose is just clutter in your home, no matter what this item is.

5-Organized people do not put things down, they put them away

Organized people do not put things down, they put them away

Setting things down where they do not belong will just make your house messy. Plus, it creates more future work for you.

Therefore, instead of dropping your shopping bags to deal with later, take the time to put everything back where it goes.

It might be a couple of seconds of extra work to put things in their proper places, but it will save you a ton of time down the road.

6-Organized people are always organizing

Organized people are always organizing

When organized people get into a room they always notice the little details and tidy up whatever happens to be out of place, these little efforts add up in a big way.

So next time you enter a room look around you, if something out of place catches your eye take care of it immediately.

7-Organized people make it a habit to address problem areas daily

Organized people make it a habit to address problem areas daily

Some areas in the house attract clutter and mess more than others, organized people make a routine out of tidying up these areas every day.

If you have a problem area in your house, like the kids play area or even a surface like the kitchen table, cleaning it up once is not going to help keep it clean.

Make it a goal to “reset” that area back to clean once a day, so that the clutter does not have a chance to accumulate again.

After a while, the habit will be so ingrained, you will forget that spot used to be a problem area.

8-Organized people follow a to-do-list

Organized people follow a to-do-list

Following a to-do list is a primary source of organization. When you have a to-do-list you always know what needs to be done around the house.

Additionally, marking chores as done one by one gives you a sense of accomplishment. Never miss out on it!

9-Organized people keep all the essentials within touching distance

Organized people keep all the essentials within touching distance

The simplest solution to prevent a cluttered kitchen is to have a place on the counters for the appliances and utensils you use every day.

The same goes for all other rooms as well, keep the things you use within hand.

10-Organized people seek help if they need it

Organized people seek help if they need it

They fix things when they can and ask for professional help when they cannot.

Being organized does not mean that you should be the perfect handyman, it just means that you should get things fixed without delay.

So if you cannot fix something yourself call a professional immediately. A well-maintained house is an organized house.

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