With the popularity of smaller houses rising, and also the popularity of trends like Zen living and hygge living, more and more people are trying to minimalize and get rid of clutter.

Minimalizing means getting rid of any  unnecessary possessions cluttering your house.

Anything that does not serve a purpose is just a waste of space, and since space is a valuable commodity in smaller houses you do not want to waste it.

So if you want to start with us now, here is a list of clutter that you can get rid of today:

1-Expired stuff

Expired stuff

Of course everyone knows that they should throw away expired food, and most people do that promptly.

But does everyone throw away other expired things just as promptly? Probably not.

For instance, last year’s calendars and agendas, old magazines, old toys that your kids grew out of and other expired or outdated things. All of these are just clutter.



Start thinking about the utility of the items you have, and if you have any duplicates or several items that serve the same purpose.

Ask yourself the following questions when you consider items in your house:

What does this item do for me that nothing else does?

What makes it unique among my possessions? What does it do? Does it do multiple things?

Next, ask: Do I have anything else that does this better, or at least does something else as well?

This is where you choose between things like kitchen gadgets that sort of do the same thing, just choose the best one and donate the rest.

3-Anything you have not used in the past year

Anything you have not used in the past year

Experts always give this advice, you can get rid of clutter and prevent accumulating more by following this simple rule, anything that has not been used in the past year has to go.

It is true. If you have not used the item in any of the past four seasons, you probably never will.

4-Borrowed items that you never returned

Borrowed items that you never returned

A lot of people borrow things, like books for example, and forget to return them.

Make it a goal to return all borrowed items in the next two weeks. Setting a time limit is always a good motivation.

This means less clutter for you and your friends will probably  be happy to have their stuff back, win win situation.

5-Things that you have already replaced

Things that you have already replaced

This goes for everything, from kitchen scissors to laptops and televisions.

If you bought a new one of the same item and stopped using the old one, do not keep it just because there is a very slim chance you may need it in the future.

6-Old movies and CDs

6-Old movies and CDs

The time has come to digitize your house and your life. If you are still holding on to your old CD collection in 2017 please stop.

Get a digital copy of the movies and songs you love and throw the hard copies away.

Create an outbox

beautiful box

Finally, if you have something you do not use, but are on the fence about parting with it, put it in a box for now.

Put the box in your garage or attic, and write a future date on it, one year or six months from now.

If you really need something from that box, you can go out and get it. When the date comes ,and you need to write it in your calendar,  do not open the box. Donate it or throw it away.


Remember this:

Your home should only contain stuff that you actually use, or stuff that make you happy.

Minimalizing means getting rid of clutter. It does not mean throwing away your beloved possession because they do not serve a purpose, making you happy is the highest purpose ever.


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