House guests make the home more fun and they allow you to enjoy a nice vacation in your own home. Every home is bound to witness a visit from a friend or a relative and this visit could be for days and even weeks.

That is why your house needs to be always prepared for guests. And whether you have a separate guest room or you will create a guest space from scratch, here we present you with tips to create the perfect guest space and in other words we will help you create a retreat.

1- Let it shine:-

Lighting is very important, you don’t want your guests to stumble upon every single thing in their way till they reach the bed.


Also, a nightstand beside the bed where you can place a small lamp for those who love to read, or write, listen to music or do any sort of thing before they sleep instead of having to get out of bed and turn the lights off.


2- Bathroom toiletries:-

Whether your guest has it all or not, you should always be prepared with all the bathroom essentials that your guest will need from toothbrushes, toothpaste, face towels, bath towels, soap, washcloth and if you want to really treat your guests royal like then give them a robe, bathroom slippers, scented candles and you can go a long way and get them some oils if they are a fan of bubble baths.


If your guest will share the bathroom with the rest of the house then place all of these stuff in a corner in the guest room to separate the guest bathroom essentials from the rest of the house, or you can create a nice guest bathroom essentials corner inside the bathroom.

3- Dress the bed:-

Use comfortable and soft sheets to make your guests feel as if they are sleeping on a hotel bed, you can use either cotton or linen sheets.


Also use different sizes of pillow some to sleep on and some to rest their backs on while reading a book in bed. Also, provide your guests with blankets, both heavy and light so that guests can control their sleeping temperature.

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4- Entertainment corner:-

If you know that your guest loves to read, write or listen to music then make sure to place within hand reach from the bed a pile of books that your guest would be interested in, or a variety of notebooks with different shapes and sizes along with pens in different colors for your guest to write.


Or you can place a chair and a table that contains some books on it near a window for your guests to have a nice and quite time doing their whatever they like to do.

5- Closets, drawers and hangers:-

Provide space for your guests to put their clothes on or hang them on hangers. They don’t have to grab their clothes from the bag every time they wish to go out.

Our prince's room is small and without closet

6- Water and coffee are a must:-

By all means, a flask of water should be within hand reach from the bed so your guest can enjoy a nice cup of water anytime of the day without having to get out of the room and go the fridge or the kitchen.


Also, you buy a small coffee machine and put in the guest room along with a tray that have all the coffee essentials and some chocolates, this will do wonders especially if your guest is the kind of person who loves to drink coffee and eat something light before interacting with other human beings.


7- Stay in for the night:-

You should stay in the room for the night to see if it is still missing something that you know your guest will need or not.

This step here will be fruitful as you will be sure that the room is now ready to be used.


Whether your guest space is small or large and whether the guest bed is just a couch that can be extended to a bed or a vast bedroom, by applying the above tips as much as you can within the space you have, you will have the prefect retreat and getaway that your guests have always dreamed of.

Just arrange the space and clutter it to make your guests feel that this room has been specially made for them.

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