Schools in Bahrain are subject to the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom and must comply with the strict rules and regulations laid down by the Ministry. Education is compulsory for all students in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and free education is provided for both Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis in public schools. The Ministry also provides free transportation for students who live far from the public schools where they study. A nursery is where children experience their first real transformations and explore a life independent of their parents. Thus, at preschools in Bahrain, we strive to make every transition in your child’s journey a nursery fun, comfortable, rewarding and positive. There are many nurseries and preschools in Bahrain. Your choice depends on where you decide to live, and whether you want your child to go to a small pre-school or nursery school in a large international school. Most pre-schools are located in the popular residential areas for expatriates in Budaiya, Saar and Hamala in western Bahrain or in Adliya, near the centre of Manama.


AJYAAL MONTESSORIMontessori education is widely developed and tested a method that encourages each child’s special abilities.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2007, Montessori is one of the leading educational theories and methods all over the world.

It has been proven to foster personal independence, and deserves high appreciation, deep thinking, caring for others, and a love for learning and school.

Montessori method is based on Dr. Montessori’s scientific observations on the behavior of young children. Its first “children’s home” was established in Rome in 1907.

It found that children learn better in a family environment filled with appropriate materials for development that provide experiences, and that contributes to the growth of self-motivated, independent learners. 

If you are looking to enroll your child in the Montessori system, Ajyaal is a good choice for you.

Located in Hamala, Ajyal strives to create a community of faculty, staff, and parents who are passionate about child progress, educational excellence, cultural and global enrichment, and bilingualism.

Their goal is to set a new standard for early childhood education in the region, enlightened by the Montessori style and cutting edge of science in child development. The curriculum covers English and Arabic. Children from 2 to 5 years old are accepted.


AL SHOROOQ PRESCHOOL - Preschools in Bahrain

Al-Shorouk Pre-School is the idea of ​​a working mother who is looking for the best caring environment for her preschooler son.

After conducting serious research on the best international programs for preschoolers, it was decided that the Montessori philosophy is the best.

Al-Shorouk Foundation combines the revolutionary philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in early childhood, in addition to instilling strong morals, to encourage the children’s natural love for learning, now and in the future.

Al-Shorouk is considered one of the best preschools in Bahrain and it is situated in Bu Kuwara East Riffa.



Another one of the great preschools in Bahrain is Bright Beginnings, which is a daycare and child development center.

It complements the home by providing a safe and loving environment with a focus on high-quality, individualized educational activities that are appropriate for growth through morning care and afternoon enrichment programs.


BUDAIYA PRE-SCHOOL - Preschools in Bahrain

The Budaiya pre-school in Bahrain is the first and only one in Bahrain to obtain national accreditation for the University.

Budaiya Pre-School was created in 1994 in a convenient location in Saar in its modern purpose-designed modern school which is specifically designed to meet the specific needs and safety of young children aged one and a half to six years old.

Budaiya Pre-School follows the British Early Years Foundation Curriculum (EYFS) and welcomes children of all nationalities. The Budaiya Pre-School owns a full license from the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain.



Located in Riffa, Clever Kid Pre-School follows the Early British Curriculum (EYFS); a bilingual program that demands English speaking teachers and a wealth of stimulating activities that make an exciting and effective learning experience.

With each child’s strengths and individual interests at heart, they are committed to sparking passion and individuality in all of their students, while encouraging all of this to develop comprehension skills, writing and solving basic problems in preparing for their future educational paths.


EARLY LEARNERS NURSERY - Preschools in Bahrain

Early Learners Nursery is a very safe and happy place where every child matters. They are proud of the loving and supportive family atmosphere they created, as children thrive during their emotional and social development as well as academically.

The nursery is headed by Mrs. Lynn Barry, qualifying the first-year teacher in the UK with 16+ years of experience in Bahrain.

Early learners’ nursery follows the British curriculum and provide the highest quality of care and education.

The nursery offers an extensive program of after-school activity as well as summer and winter camps. Also, it is situated in Saar, and they welcome children ages ranges from 15 months to 4 years and over.



Eton House Educational Group is one of the best preschools in Bahrain, it was established over 23 years and they have more than 125 schools around the world and are now expanding in the Middle East.

Eton House has developed its research-based philosophy and internationally recognized best practices in education that support a child-centered learning environment.

Eaton House aims to develop every child into a balanced individual through attractive environments that support children’s curiosity and marvel at the involvement of children.

Also, it provides them with plenty of materials to work in purposefully designed learning areas. Eton House is one of the best preschools in Bahrain which is located in Janabiya.



Located in Sanad, behind the Isa Town Health Centre, situated one of the most popular preschools in Bahrain, Happy Hearts Kindergarten, which provides quality education for your child through a British curriculum that has been adapted and enriched to meet the needs of Bahraini children.

They teach Arabic and English and take pride in Bahrain’s heritage ​and values. Qualified and experienced teachers use innovative methods to make learning fun.

They also encourage interactive game-based learning that provides an excellent starting point for language acquisition, literacy and numeracy.

It also provides STEAM-based activities, cognitive training, and life skills to support the comprehensive development of children.

Children have a loving environment that promotes positive feelings of self-worth and respect. Much emphasis is placed on role-modeling, decision making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

Children are encouraged to interact with one another, make friends and manage themselves in group settings.

They have many indoor and outdoor activities, active and quiet play sessions. Various materials are tested, which encourages self-exploration and discovery.

Art, cooking, dramatic play, storytelling, science, music and movement are all important. Friendships and collaborative play are emphasized by exchanging ideas, books, and games that generate the attention of others.


LITTLE STARZ PRE-SCHOOL - Preschools in Bahrain

Little Starz is a British, pre-school and bilingual curriculum based in Riffa. The Little Starz kindergarten program is designed to help every child from 2 to 6 years to reach their full potential in a challenging, safe and caring environment.

It believes that young children learn through purposeful active interactions with a wide range of educational materials and activities that develop the development of the whole child.

They also encourage independence that builds self-esteem and wants children to enjoy the process of education, so they look forward to their school day.

Children should enjoy learning! Play is an important part of children’s learning, and the teachers encourage them to strive to learn new things and open the world a little wider to every child.

Little Starz understands that children are unique and learn at different rates and in different ways, thus they offer a diversified bilingual curriculum focused on the child while exploring their work.

They do their best to teach children a sense of participation and care and encourage cooperative play, self-discipline, and self-direction.

Young children need a balance between their interests and experiences, with direction and education at the right time. They will find everything here in Little Starz!



Owned and run by 25 years of experience, KG Kids Pre-School is a British centre of excellence, providing quality education in pre-kindergarten, nursery school, and kindergarten.

Whether your child is a native speaker or expatriate, KG children have opportunities to grow and develop with a personal approach to education through a well-qualified care team around them to support their growth and care.

KG Kids preschool is located in West Riffa for ages from 18 months to 6 years.

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