As enticing as it might seem, purchasing properties overseas can be equally tricky and can lead to a considerable loss of your savings, let alone your time and effort.

However, we are not saying that you should not consider such a decision. If done correctly and after a careful study of all the variables, the market you are investing in and the alternatives, purchasing properties overseas can be a very lucrative investment for yourself.

There are many reasons why you would consider taking this decision. The most obvious reason, of course, is that you want to live in this country. It is always very exciting when you start your preparations for a trip abroad and it is equally disappointing when you know that today is your last day and it is time for you to hit home.

This is where you start pondering the possibility of moving to and settling within this place. On the other hand, you might simply want a place abroad to spend your summer vacation in.

Whatever the case might be, purchasing properties overseas is definitely doable. As a matter of fact, it has been a rising trend over the past few years as more people are tending to invest in properties outside their own homeland.

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If you are considering purchasing a property abroad, this is your chance to know all what you need to know and consider before signing the contract. In what follows, we quickly demonstrate and go through some vital steps you would need to follow in the process:

1- Extensive investigations:-

This is the most basic-yet-crucial step in the process of purchasing properties overseas. Sure, every now and then some property global price trend takes place; nevertheless, the cycle of each local market differs from the others. So you decided you want to buy in France or Spain or Denmark…etc. you would need to carefully study the following:-

A- Get to know the real estate market condition in the land you want to live or invest in. Hence, you need to know not only if the property values are tending to rise or fall (this piece of info could be of a major help for investors who buy at lower rates to sell at higher ones), but also their seasonal up and down turns (e.g. prices of properties in coastal areas usually rise during the summer season).


B- Investigate the political and economic conditions in the country as you don’t want to live in a place with high crime rate, unstable economic conditions and/or political turmoil because, in similar cases, it is likely that some new laws will be imposed under these circumstances that legislate seizing the properties owned by foreigners.


C- Studying the local area real estate laws is very important. In order to avoid being a victim of a scam or losing your money due to your lack of knowledge of the other state’s law, you need to understand exactly the rights which the country’s law gives you as a foreigner investor.


2- Legal reference:-

Quite the contrary of what many people might believe, hiring a lawyer is never a waste of money when it comes to purchasing properties overseas and it would be preferable to hire a local lawyer who actually knows the best legal practices you can maintain to help you avoid any possible hassles and make an informed decision.


3- Currency exchange rate study:-

One of the best advantages of purchasing properties overseas is that the amount of money you have may not make you able to buy a house in your homeland, however, enables you to make the perfect overseas property purchase with no extra cash spent over your set budget.

The trick here would be to study the currency in your prospect area very well in order not to fall in the trap of the local currency dropping way too much that will doom your investment by reducing your property’s price drastically.

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4- Hire a translator:-

You don’t want to let the language barrier cost you the value of your investment; so, hire a translator and make sure all the contracts are translated to the last paper before you put your signature anywhere in it.


5- Professionals are irreplaceable:-

Finally, since you want to make the perfect overseas purchase, you will need to hire a professional realtor who knows all the ins and outs of the local real estate market. It is very important to ask all the questions you might have first – even the ones that might seem very basic – before taking the decision.


The advantage of hiring a professional is that they are literally obliged to give you all the information you need so as to be fully aware of every single detail about the property you have your eyes on.
To summarize, purchasing properties overseas can be one of the most profitable investment you would have in your entire life if you considered all the variables, hired the needed professionals and took your time in studying the market and making your decision. Make sure you are choosing the property you would not regret purchasing.

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