It is spring again, the weather is getting warmer, the leaves are getting greener and flowers are blossoming everywhere. The season of freshness and renovation has come.Therefore, it is that time of the year when you should start thinking of updates around your home to bring the freshness of Spring to your space. Treat your home for some Spring decor to add a touch of the vibrant outside ambiance inside.

Here are 8 wonderful spring decor ideas to give your home a fresh look.

1-Add plants and flowers

Add plants and flowers

As we all know, nothing says spring decor more than green plants and fresh colorful flowers.

It is super refreshing to see new life popping up around the streets and all over gardens, so why not bring some of that into your own home to help celebrate Spring?

Potted plants are the greatest, most affordable way to bring life into your home. You can often find easy-care plants that need little to no maintenance.

Or maybe a fresh bouquet of flowers, it  is always a great way to liven up your place.

Or, you can go all the way and make a little home garden out of  your balcony, this will provide you with the added option of enjoying the marvelous spring weather.

2-Buy trendy throw pillows

Buy trendy throw pillows

Every year there are new trendy colors and patterns that come out in the spring. Plus, some colors and floral patterns always resemble spring, no matter what the trend may be.

A quick and easy way to incorporate new trends into your home is by purchasing trendy throw pillows to use in the living room or bedroom.

Try and keep a few neutral colored pillows, like cream or gray, around to use year round. Then, when you see a trendy pillow or throw cover that would complement the neutrals in the room, grab them and spice up the room immediately.

3-Add some wood tiles

Add some wood tiles

Interest in wood tile has increased so much, and we are seeing it on everything from kitchen islands to fireplaces.

It adds a rustic chic look, and the wood brings the fresh ambiance of nature inside your house. Nothing says spring like nature. And nothing says spring decor like using natural elements in design.

4-Get some HYGGE

Get some HYGGE

Hygge is the Danish concept of living simply. And it is all the rage now.

So try to downsize for spring this year and lead a simpler life. The concept of Hygge is to decorate cozy and live simply.

For instance only fill your living room with comfortable furniture that you love and maybe add some throw covers and natural candles.

Also a good idea is to display some of your favorite books on the coffee table instead of store bought coffee table books, they add a cozy feeling to the room.

5-Change the curtains

Change the curtains

Sometimes all you need to update a room for a new season is a fresh window treatment. For spring decor, use a fresh fabric.

Use a pretty, floral-pattern shade to turn a window into a work of art. Or use something simple and light to let more sun in after the gloominess of winter.

6-Make your own spring project

Make your own spring project

You can find a lot of different ideas, or create something uniquely your own, but making a project by yourself to celebrate the season is always a good idea.

You could for instance bring a spare birdbath indoors to create living artwork. A shallow model can hold just enough soil to make a pretty miniature garden to enjoy indoors.

Or maybe a pretty wooden birdcage would make a fanciful three-dimensional frame for a seasonal display. Set an upbeat mood in an entry with a vibrant-color cage holding a feather nest and faux eggs or a small flower arrangement.

7-Hang some wind chimes

Hang some wind chimes

A wind chime are the ultimate spring home accessories as they will provide you with the option of hearing the spring breeze rather than just feeling it.

So celebrate the end of the winter winds and the beginning of the spring mellow breezes by hanging some wind chimes on your windows or in your balcony.

8-Invest in a new art piece

Invest in a new art piece

Update your art collection with spring in mind. Get an art piece that celebrates the beauty and colors of the season. A beautiful art piece can keep spring decor in your house all year round.

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