As a result of the vigorous real estate market activity in Bahrain lately and the Gulf region in general interior design grabbed the users’ attention especially those who are willing to buy a new home or refurbish their old house.

By the phase of furnishing and designing, many questions emerge before owners which need decisiveness as they could define the whole theme of the house.

Comparisons in respect of pros and cons could be misleading for most readers so we preferred tackling the difference between wood and marble flooring through common characteristics. We prefer to give the audience more space to choose according to their priorities of thoughts and characteristics.




   China is the biggest provider of wood floors

 Most marbles in the market is exported from china some tend to import European marble especially from Italy and TurkeyOmani marble is also of good quality and has a good reputation in the market


The wood floor could last from 50 to 60 years with good maintenance and cleaning Marble is a sustainable product life for a long time

It’s more expensive than wood, it costs from 250 to 500 SAR for a meter


 Needs special treatment; keep it away from the water must be cleaned from stains regularly needs to repolish every 4 to 5 years Needs to be repolished and cleaned every 5 to 6 years


 Wood is installed over tiled surface insulating surface mostly of foam is added before wood to protect it and muffle its sound  Cut to pieces proportional in size with the room space level the ground before adding marble tiles using sand


Wood is better for cold regions It’s suitable for bedrooms and living room wood floors are more compatible with classic furniture Marble is better for hot regions it’s suitable for vast areas, entrances and corridorsIt’s better for kitchens and bathroomsMarble is more compatible with modern furniture



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