Whenever you try to design or redesign your home, you find yourself facing the eternal dilemma: Should I go with a modern and trendy design or opt for a more timeless design?

But the matter of the fact is: these two options are not mutually exclusive. Although, it does take some time and effort to find a  cohesive balance between trendy and timeless design elements.

Managing to find the right balance Between trendy and timeless design means you will love the space, now, and many more years to come.

So, here are some tips on how to achieve the cohesive balance between trendy and timeless design.

1. Limit the use of Trendy items; they come with an expiry date

Limit the use of Trendy items

Trends are fun, they add a certain lively touch to a house, and it is good to have that vibrant atmosphere. But moderation should be the keyword here; These trendy items have an expiry date.

If you think back, you will find that many of the styles that were very trendy a few years ago are now considered to be outdated.

Nonetheless, if you find yourself in love with a certain trend then by all means go for it, after all, your home should make you happy.

However, it is smart to keep the extreme trends to a minimum. Limit trendy items to the cheaper and more replaceable aspects of the space.

For example, if you love a certain trendy pattern that you know will probably go out of style next season, limit it to the cushions instead of using it for the whole couch.

And always remember that when it comes to trends, less is more. An entire room designed floor to ceiling in today’s trendy items will undoubtedly look tacky.

So choose one or two trendy items that you can use to spice things up. Then, balance the rest of the room out with neutral pieces.

2. Do not splurge, invest

Do not splurge, invest

Spending a lot of money on a trendy item that will probably go out of style in a couple of years is splurging.

If you paid a lot of money to get some trendy concrete floors for example, you may end up regretting it next season when you have to redo those floors.

On the other hand, if you paid even more money for marble floors or something else that would never go out of style that is investing.

Thus, try to always invest in quality design elements, something that can stand the test of time on both counts, quality and style.

You can splurge on easy-to-change items if you want, like a trendy vase or rug.

3. Functional and comfortable

Functional and comfortable

Timeless decor should be functional and comfortable, it should be something you can really use and enjoy.

If you are going to have a piece of furniture, for a number of years make it the most comfortable one you can find.

For example, antique French chairs are elegant and classic, but does anyone actually sit on them?

Try to choose timeless pieces that are well constructed with good bones. Something that you can use, and maybe repaint, reupholster and reuse several years from now.

4. Know yourself

Know yourself

Your home is your haven, it should make you happy.

So getting to know yourself is the most important factor in designing a timeless home for you.

Ask yourself these questions before you decide on anything in your design:

Does this design element make me happy?

Will it make me happy a couple of years from now?

If it will not, am I ready to change it at the time?

The most important point is: what you choose to put in any room should be something you love, something that makes you and your family happy.

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