When traveling to a new country you are prone to stay lost for a while, not knowing where to shop or dine out. And sometimes it takes you months of overpriced shopping to learn what the locals already know! But because Bahrain is the best destination in the world for expats, we are here to help make shopping in Bahrain a fun experience for you instead of a daunting one full of trials and errors.

We sacrificed our time, effort, and money and went shopping! Just kidding, we love shopping, especially in the Kingdom where the markets are thriving and the prices are highly competitive!

From groceries to fashion to jewelry, here are our top picks for shopping in Bahrain.

Pearl shopping in Bahrain

Pearl shopping in Bahrain

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when Bahrain is mentioned is pearl. Pearls are the national icon of the kingdom.

Bahrain has relied on pearl trading long before oil was discovered. And the Kingdom takes pride in this historical trade. In order to preserve the Kingdom’s heritage, cultured pearls are banned from the Bahraini market, so you can rest assured that any pearls you buy in the kingdom are the real deal.

To find the best quality pearls however, you should examine their luster. Provided that it is a natural pearl, and we have agreed that all pearls in the kingdom are, the shinier the pearl the better. Keep in mind that larger and more evenly shaped pearls tend to be more expensive.

The best place for pearl shopping in Bahrain is Gold City Mall, you can find many pearl shops here and the pearl quality is guaranteed. Just remember that some haggling is expected. The best way to shop here is to browse several shops and check the prices before you buy.

Bargain shopping in Bahrain

Bargain shopping in Bahrain

Bahrain Outlet Mall is currently under construction and set to be open for the public in 2020, and we cannot wait!

However, there are other bargain shops in the kingdom. One of the best outlets in Bahrain is a Bargain For Less Bahrain. The mega shop offers everything from fashion to technology to toys, and all for less than other stores. It also sells brands for less, which is always a great idea!

Another wonderful place for bargain shopping is Dragon City Mall, this place literally sells everything from furniture to electronics to clothes, and everything is made in China. Better yet, the whole mall features a Chinese theme, and the restaurants offer amazing Chinese food, so it is also great as an outing.

High-end shopping in Bahrain

High-end shopping in Bahrain

If luxury shopping is more your thing do not fret, as the kingdom has a wide variety of stores and malls dedicated to just that.

Start with Moda Mall, the mall features the largest number of designer brands under one roof in Bahrain, it is heaven for upscale shoppers.

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace, Chopard, De Beers, Rolex, and Piaget are among the stores open in the mall. All luxurious stores are scattered through elegant boulevards dotted with upscale cafes. This mall certainly offers the best luxury shopping experience in the kingdom.

You should also check Al Aali Mall. This mall offers a shopping experience like no other; haute couture and Godiva chocolates set in traditional Arabic Souq design, with numerous fine dining restaurants and chic cafes, definitely a must-visit.

Grocery shopping in Bahrain

Grocery shopping in Bahrain

Lulu Hypermarket is, of course, the obvious choice, the Indian chain boasts many branches across the kingdom and the prices are generally lower than average. You can find everything in the market, Lulu is definitely more than a grocery shop. A hidden gem there is their instant coffee, especially the Lulu Gold, it can definitely compete with other more famous and more pricy brands, it offers great value for the money. And the mall also features other shops that mostly sell Indian products.

Another wonderful option is Carrefour. The French chain features everything and then more. The fresh fish shop there is highly recommended, it offers a wide variety of fresh seafood on a daily basis.

Electronics in Bahrain

Electronics in Bahrain

Again, Carrefour stands out! When they have something on offer, it is usually a true bargain and not to be missed. In fact, the store is renowned for this that many people check their electronic department regularly.

Another great shop is Sharaf DG, the store offers many branches as well as an online shopping website. There’s always something on special offer in the store, so always check the special offers section first. The chain has a policy that guarantees the best available price. And they offer a wide variety of products from large appliances to small electronics and accessories.

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