The process of listing the best restaurants in Bahrain is definitely not an easy one; of course, taste buds never lie but Bahrain has a fierce gastronomic competition since it is packed with many eateries. Food experience is not meant to refresh mood only, but it’s an opportunity to know people and gets nearer to societies’ heritages and cultures through food plates and recipes.

A lot of restaurants in Bahrain offer such experience, we listed here the best not only relying on food quality but also succeeded in introducing heritages and cultures of societies.

Best Traditional Restaurant in Bahrain: 


Emmawash Traditional Restaurant

You can grasp from its name the line of food it offers. Emmawash is an initiative carried out by a Bahraini young man, Abdullah Al-Arady, to revive the Bahraini food heritage, especially between youth segments. Abduallah’s initiative found great success inside and outside the Kingdom.

The restaurant is modestly designed composed of 2 floors; the upper floor comprises from floor seats while the ground floor has ordinary tables.

Emmawash Traditional Restaurant

The scratches and colors covering the restaurant’s walls will draw your attention. Cleanness, quietness, and organization, they are all interesting factors were put into consideration for customers’ satisfaction.

Emmawash Traditional Restaurant

Emmawash restaurant is located on Budaiya road in Maqaba area. The restaurant offers various meals between shakshuka, cheese, labna, Iranian fresh bread, and many other plates convenient for breakfast period, dinner, and lunch including balaleet and of course emmawash.


Zeyara Restaurant 

Zeyara Restaurant

Zeyara excels in offering another unique experience for traditional Bahraini food to join the best restaurants in Bahrain list. Serene and simple designs inspired by Arabian heritage, dim lights, and gentle service, all are positive factors added to Zeyara and bolstered its bond with customers.

Zeyara Restaurant

The restaurant is located at Karbabad entrance opposite to Gate 8 in Seef Mall. It offers diverse dishes, but it’s mainly known of its shrimp soup and saffron drink.

Zeyara takes you on a small tour to the old Bahrain to view traditional Bahraini food resembled in Zeyara plates and Bahrain lifestyle resembled in Zeyara’s catering style, its silverware, serving sets, and interior design. That’s why Zeyara is the best choice for an unforgettable family outing.


Best Indian restaurant in Bahrain: Lanterns Restaurant 

Lanterns Restaurant

Recipes from the Indian subcontinent made by the best chefs and catered in the heart of the Arabian Gulf region to Bahrainis, Arabs, and foreigners.

Lanterns is an addition to our list of the best restaurants in Bahrain not only for food quality but also for its design magnificence in reflecting India’s original atmosphere, also for hospitality and service sophistication.

Lanterns was founded in 1988 with only one branch, now it’s operating with 5 different branches scattered around the kingdom in Riffa, Adliya, Juffair, and Durrat Bahrain, in addition to the restaurant’s original branch in Budaya. The restaurant offers an open buffet all over the week besides entertainment events.

Lanterns restaurant doesn’t offer a mediocre experience, it’s more convenient for adventurous customers and food lovers. Even in Indian food, don’t wait to eat customary spicy and curry-flavored food, but expect to find unconventional and unforgettable memories in Lanterns.


Best Cafe food in Bahrain: Aroma Café

Aroma Café

Aroma café located at the ground floor of Seef Mall is on the list as well. It combines exquisite designs and elegance with a diversity of food plates convenient for all tastes, all surrounded by a welcoming and entertaining environment.

The best option for passing times with friends and enjoy your weekend apart from business pressure and life hustle.

Aroma is made to occupy 300 guests at a time, the place optimized the environment to enjoy each moment. A unique blend of quality food, spacious design, children play area, and convenient prices, that’s why it’s on our list of best restaurants in Bahrain.


Best light eats in Bahrain: Tea Club 

Tea Club

Sumptuous lounge, its ambiance feels like a European royal palace and overlooks a magnificent sea view especially in Amwaj branch.

Tea Club

Different kinds of tea from India, China, Japan, and on the African way. All available in Tea Club to offer the customer different tastes grabbed from all around the world served in one place. Tea Club expanded recently to include extra plates of food and deserts to provide integrated service for customers.

Tea Club was founded in 2007 in the exhibitions area in Manama, but in 2010 the branch moved to Amwaj. Amwaj premises success urged Tea Club admin to launch another branch lately in The Walk Bahrain in Riffa.


Best fast food restaurant in Bahrain: Blaze Burger

Blaze Burger

The popular cosmopolitan cuisine offering a divergent set of luscious relishes but with some authentic Bahraini and Arabian additions.

Blaze is a signature American-style burger joint which is perfect for having a quick meal after work hours with peers or a late dinner during the weekend. It’s a great place where you can really break daily typical norms with an awesome experience.

It’s known for the fresh meat home-made burgers, chili cheese fries, and the totally unhealthy yet extraordinarily delicious Tabooga burger. This one is not recommended for fitness freaks, however, I would say that one won’t kill, right?

International Taste at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay is the idealistic place for fine international dining as it features seven distinctive restaurants.

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay is a destination in itself, on an exclusive island in the Kingdom’s capital. The island also offers the best beach vacation and the best getaway in the heart of the city.

Enjoy an unparalleled culinary adventure at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay and discover luxurious restaurants. Savor delicious dishes from the international chefs in exclusive restaurants at the hotel.

If you want to indulge more in Bahrain marvelous food plates, you can live in famous areas like Juffair, Adliya, or Seef where a lot of restaurants will surround you with each one offering a special experience. Check our page to find the best Bahrain properties and you will definitely find what you want.

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