Quick introduction to a number of poignant figures in real estate sector of Bahrain which really added and improved real estate market in Bahrain.

Salman Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa











Probably the most important figure in the real estate market of Bahrain nowadays, His Excellency Shaikh Salman Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa is not only the president of Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB), but also the chairman of the recently launched Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA) to be the main supervising authority over the real estate market transactions, as well as educating the real estate professionals about the industry best practices.

In the following article, you can read more about the RERA’s role, vision and how to apply for its license; also, you can find here the changes it made or caused in the Bahraini property market.

Aref Hagras


Aref Hagras









Aref Hagras is one of the most effective real estate figures in Bahrain. He is the head of Bahrain Properties Development Association and the managing director of one of the biggest real estate development in the Kingdom which is Dyar Al-Muharreq.

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Bahrain Properties Development Association or BaPDA includes 18 of the real estate market sharks in Bahrain and was announced in December of 2014. The association’s main targets lies in monitoring real estate market in Bahrain, promoting properties industry, and linking between developers and leading entities for sake of real estate advancement in Bahrain.

Hagras was chosen to be the head of BaPDA last Monday by a decree from Minister of Social Development Faeqa Saleh.

Hagras was chosen also on October 2012 to be the managing director of Dyar Al Muharreq, the leading Bahraini real estate and urban developer which established.

Dyar Al Muharreq was established in 2006 to market and develop Dyar Al Muharreq project which stands on 7 million square meters, the company’s current capital value is 29.2 million BHD.

Naser Al-Ahly

Naser Al-Ahly








Naser Al-Ahly resembles here a main component of real estate market in Bahrain which is realtors. Al-Ahly heads Bahrain Properties Association established in 2004 for sake of developing real estate brokerage profession.

Bahrain Properties Association holds symposiums and conferences gathering most brokers in Bahrain in order to enhance their reciprocal communication and integration in order to develop Bahrain properties sector. The association follows the latest updates on real estate arena and submits some suggestions to the Bahraini government aiming for developing real estate realty in Bahrain.

Naser Al-Ahly heads also Naser Real Estate Agency founded by him in 1988to be a professional brokerage engaged in selling and leasing properties, properties management, real estate marketing, in addition to offering consults.

Saud Kanoo

Saud Kano







One of the most prominent political and economic figures in Bahrain. Enjoys heavy gravitas in real estate development field in the Kingdom and he is related to a prestigious Bahraini family in business.

Saud Kanoo was born in Manama in 1959, he received his Bachelor of engineering from Georgia Tech Institute then his Masters in business administration from Mercer University in the U.S also.

He started his professional life in the Housing Ministry then worked in Youssef Kanoo Company and got promoted through positions till he became the board vice chairman.

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Currently Saud is the CEO of Saray Real Estate Company which carries out a number of projects in Amwaj Islands, Bahrain and the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia like Al-Marsa Resort in the Half Moon Beach. Saray activities include sponsoring real estate conferences and exhibitions like the Eastern Province Real Estate Exhibition.

Sheikh Khaled Bin Abdullah Al Khlaifa

الشيخ خالد











We can’t talk about real estate figures without mentioning Sheikh Khaled Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa who was appointed as the first housing minister in Bahrain’s history and is regarded as the patron of real estate and urban modern development in Bahrain.

Born in 1944, got his basic education in Bahrain then received his Bachelor of engineering from Cairo University in 1966.

Sheikh Khaled was appointed as housing minister in 1975 and stayed in his position in 2001 to be appointed then as the minister of the prime minister’s bureau until 2010. Sheikh Khaled is currently deputy prime minister and the head of the ministerial committee for construction and infrastructure.

Due to his current position Sheikh Khaled care mainly about supervising real estate market activity and studying stumbling real estate projects in order to settle its affairs.

Jassim Al Jowder

جاسم الجودر









He is the executive chairman of Durrat Al Bahrain Company established in 2003 and owned by Bahrain Government Kuwait Finance House.

Due to his current Al-Jowder supervises developing the biggest real estate project in Bahrain real estate market which is Durrat Al Bahrain.

Durrat Al-Bahrain Project is located on the south coast of Bahrain standing on 12 km and composed of 15 human-made islands. The project is expected to occupy 60.000 residents plus 4500 daily visitors.

Harry Godson-Wicks

Harry Godson-Wicks works on the top of Cluttons Foundation which proved its worthy as major real estate consultancy agency operating in the Gulf region since 1976.

Cluttons offers quarterly reports about activity of real estate market in Bahrain and other Gulf states. Cluttons reports became substantial for market monitors who aim to delve in Bahrain market and invest either through development or purchase.

Many of Bahrainis work seriously for Bahrain economy recovery and to make the Kingdom witness a massive advancement especially in construction field. Mentioning some of these figures may give them tiny credit for their incomparable efforts in development. This doesn’t mean by any mean that others are not included but our limited space stood before mentioning other hundreds who seek the same target.



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