Interesting houses are capable of giving us a thing or two to think about. Their architecture will always dazzle us and make us wonder how the concept was conceived. Choosing to build a bizarre home may be due to external factors such as space constraints. Some people, however, opt for them for no reason other than living in a creative space. Although it may be argued that these homes are unrealistic and impossible to live in, their homeowners prove otherwise. Moreover, there is no denying that the visual pleasure they present makes up for their seeming impracticality. Interesting houses will continue to pop up across the world, giving us the motivation to step outside the box and embrace the unfamiliar.

Here are the world’s 6 most unique and interesting houses.

  1. Transparent House, Tokyo, Japan

transparent house tokyo

Sou Fujimoto Architects are the masterminds behind this more than unique home. The house is 914 square feet and is defined by a white steel frame. Architects say inspiration came from Japanese predecessors who lived in trees. However, the house itself does not resemble a tree in structure. It merely attempts to allow its residents to relive the rich life of the ancients. The entire home is exposed to the outside world with the use of glass and balconies. Transparent House offers plenty of daylight and nonstop interaction with life. In this house, life will never pass you by, as you are completely immersed in what goes on beyond its walls.

  1. Keret House, Warsaw, Poland

Keret House Warsaw

Keret House is also known as the world’s slimmest house. This home earned a spot as one of the world’s most interesting houses due to its intriguing nature. Standing at only 92-152 centimeters in width, this house proves that size is what we make of it. Designed by Jakub Szczesny, it is situated between two existing buildings. Despite its size, this house serves as a fully functioning home. It includes not only a bedroom but also a workspace for writer Etgar Keret who resides there. This beautiful home is truly inspiring due to several factors. First of all, Szczesny comfortably placed an entire home in a space that would have otherwise been left vacant. Secondly, it holds within a confined space everything a single homeowner good wish for.

  1. Flintstones Home, Malibu, USA

Flintstones Home Malibu

This Flintstones-inspired home belongs to TV legend Dick Clark. The $3.5 million home is only one story with a bedroom, two bathrooms, a fireplace, and large glass windows. On the inside, a rocky motif runs throughout every room. Furthermore, the house’s interior boasts soft earthy tones that give the home an authentic feel. Every piece of furniture inside this home has been carefully picked to fit the caveman era. Flintstones Home also comes with a beautifully landscaped garden that mimics the classic cartoon. Fred and Wilma’s recreated home is a true modern imagination of caveman dwelling.

  1. Nautilus House, Mexico City, Mexico

Nautilus House Mexico

Next on the list of interesting houses is Nautilus House, or the Seashell House, which is exactly what the name suggests. It is a beautiful home shaped like a colorful seashell designed by Arquitectura Organica. The architects gave the home smooth surfaces, spiral stairs, and natural plantings. This led to the construction of a structure that made the owners feel like they’re living inside an actual snail. The home features a large glass window made up of random shapes and sizes of colored glass. When light shines through the window, it creates a beautiful and colorful image on the walls. The design was inspired by the work of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright.

  1. The Eliphante Art House, Cornville, USA

The Eliphante Art House Cornville

It took Michael Kahn and Leda Livant 28 years to make this house, literally from scratch. They collected random materials and used them to put it together piece by piece. On the outside, the structure may not appear like a home. If anything, it looks like a little, forgotten cave covered in branches. On the inside, however, the home includes a residence that flaunts 25-foot ceilings and rocks and scraps from construction sites. It also features a studio with a wall made of the Ford pickup truck that drove them to Arizona. Eliphante was turned into a nonprofit arts organization during the late 1980s.

  1. Cube Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cube Houses Rotterdam

This is not just one interesting home, but several interesting houses joined together. Architect Piet Blom is responsible for these incredible homes, each of which includes three floors. Built in 1984, The Cubes are simply tilted 45 degrees. When placed next to each other, they combine to form a unique and intriguing image. The most impressive feature of these structures is the unconventional design. Rotterdam is home to 38 of these cubes houses, as well as two super-cubes that are now a hostel. One of the homes is a “Show Cube” that is completely furnished and reserved for tours.

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