Saudi Arabia is home to some of the world’s holiest sites, and it is the jewel of a country that receives a large number of visitors every year. This is an area that not only has great importance for Muslims around the world but is also recognized among the top travel destinations today. As for hotels, the aforementioned top hotels in Saudi Arabia are among the best when it comes to the top five cities in the country and offer an unparalleled hospitality experience.

So, if you are a traveler planning your potential trip to Saudi Arabia, why not choose one of the aforementioned hotels and accept the experience they provide?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country on the Arabian Peninsula, hides its secrets in the vast deserts and ancient cities and is waiting to be discovered. Travel to places many visitors have never seen and discover diverse landscapes. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia is the largest country that does not have a permanent river.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes its visitors with open arms, and it offers everyone some of the best places in the world to reside and visit today.

From the finest hotels, luxury resorts, and the best budget hotels in the country, this country has everything you could need. So, if you are traveling to the Middle East and are wondering about the best hotels in Saudi Arabia, we have compiled a list of some of the best places from the top 5 cities in the country where you can stay on your next vacation.

Where to stay in Saudi Arabia?

Hotels in Saudi Arabia

In fact, Jeddah is home to some of the finest hotels in Saudi Arabia, and here are two of the most prominent hotels in the city among many others.

Al Khobar is home to a number of tourist attractions that interest visitors on their excursions. From great malls and beaches to some of the finest attractions and restaurants, this is a city that has it all.

Best hotels in Saudi Arabia

Vivienda Hotel Villas

Hotels in Saudi Arabia

With its impressive architecture and exquisite interior design, Vivienda Hotel Villas is a luxury hotel located in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The hotel offers modern villas designed to provide absolute comfort and privacy for guests. The hotel features indoor and outdoor dining at La Mesa, an Italian restaurant, and serves the best of international and oriental dishes to guests in a setting that overlooks the hotel’s magnificent views. What’s Next? Vivienda Hotel Villas also offers in-villa dining facilities. Whether you want to start your day with a nice breakfast or a long breakfast for a full meal at the end of the day, the hotel has it all.

While the best part of the hotel is that Vivienda Hotel Villas has outdoor swimming pools where guests can have fun while serving their meals on the spot. The lounges in the hotel guarantee that you get the best cocktails or even a luxurious workplace, should the guests request it. Male guests can even use the hotel’s gyms and make use of services like steam rooms, plasma screen televisions, etc.

Intercontinental Jeddah

A hotel designed with great care and designed with a sense of luxury, InterContinental Jeddah is one of the best luxury hotels in Jeddah and is located in an attractive location in the city. The hotel offers a breathtaking vacation experience to guests while providing them with a choice of rooms and executive suites that are designed with a sense of elegance and provide a welcoming interior décor to guests. What’s Next? Guests staying in the suites can enjoy magical sea views from their private balconies.

It features 9 spacious meeting rooms and a gorgeous Sultan Hall, the Intercontinental Jeddah Hotel is nothing short of a lifetime dream, and the best part is that the hotel has a variety of restaurants that take guests on a culinary journey through the most delicious dishes.

Raffles Makkah Palace

The Makkah Raffles Palace is located in the most exclusive location in Makkah, overlooking Islam’s holiest site. An ideal place to rest for pilgrims coming to Medina, it is a hotel surrounded by sites such as the Holy Kaaba, the Grand Mosque, and the Well of Zamzam.

Guests who stay at Raffles Makkah Palace Suites are treated with marble flooring and luxurious décor that will take your breath away. Each suite has a living room with a private bathroom equipped with all modern facilities.

The best part is that guests can sample the best cuisine in the hotel’s world-class restaurants including the luxurious Levantine Al Majlis which serves a great mix of traditional and Mediterranean cuisine. There is a tea lounge alongside an ice cream-based café where guests can spend their evenings. As for additional facilities, the Raffles Makkah Palace Hotel provides a separate spa and gym for males and females, while there are many private spaces in the hotel for socializing.

The Oberoi Hotel

One of the finest luxury hotels in Medina today, the Oberoi is located a few steps from the Prophet’s Mosque. It is an ideal choice for those who want to experience the true sense of ownership in Medina.

With state-of-the-art rooms and suites featuring luxurious interiors, The Oberoi takes your vacation experience to another level completely, and the best part? Families and friends traveling together can get connecting rooms at the Oberoi Hotel.

If you want to have a bite or two, the hotel offers its best restaurants that are elegantly decorated and serve some of the best international and Arabic dishes to perfection.

What’s Next? For male guests staying at the hotel, Gentlemen’s Spa at The Oberoi can be a life-changing experience. With facilities like massages, workouts, and even steam rooms, this is something you cannot miss.

Home Inn Hotel Suites

Hotels in Saudi Arabia

The Home Inn Hotel Suites has located just 5 km from the magnificent Khobar Corniche and provides a refreshing vacation experience for guests. Just 500 meters from Al Rashid Mall, the hotel offers fully equipped apartments with all modern facilities. Guests receive air conditioning facilities and a minibar in each apartment.

It also hosts basic amenities like toiletries, a hairdryer, and a kitchen with a microwave and oven are provided in apartments. Home Inn Hotel Suites has a shared lounge for relaxation purposes, and guests are guaranteed a comfortable stay. As for the interior, every room in the hotel has been exquisitely designed adding to your experience.

The hotel is only 25 km from Half Moon Bay and 43 km from King Fahd Airport and is a strategically ideal location, to say the least.

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