What are the best beaches in Bahrain?

Being an archipelago, the Kingdom of Bahrain is full of spectacular beaches. And with the upcoming hot summer weather, a nice beach is a treasure indeed!

Going to the beach is the number one summer activity for most people. Who does not like relaxing on the beach? Or enjoying refreshing water sports? Especially during the hot summer months. Lucky for the people in Bahrain they have several options to choose from.

Whether you prefer a private beach in a fancy hotel or you want to have a family picnic on a nice public beach, Bahrain beaches have got it all.

And we have compiled a nice list here to help you with planning your summer outings this summer or planning your next visit to Bahrain, these are the best beaches in Bahrain.

Best beaches in Bahrain:

Ritz Carlton Royal Beach Club

Ritz Carlton Royal Beach Club

One of the most luxurious five-star hotels in town, Bahrain Ritz Carlton offers one of the best beaches in Bahrain.

The hotel is located on a private island and offers a beach club membership, which allows you to enjoy the luxurious hotel and resort facilities all year round, including the fantastic beach and several pools.

Of course, this is especially handy in the hot weather during summer, you can forget all about the heat and relax on the beach in Ritz Carlton this summer.

Bahrain Yacht Club

Bahrain Yacht Club

Situated in Sitra since 1977, Bahrain Yacht club offers one of the best beaches in Bahrain. It also features two fantastic swimming pools, one for adults and one for kids.

The club offers a lot of fabulous facilities, including varied forms of sailing and numerous water sports. They also offer training programs for novice sailors.

Membership is available in the club, they welcome all Bahrain residents, and visitors are also welcome for an entrance fee.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay

You can enjoy the beach,  the infinity pool or even the spa at this luxurious hotel in Bahrain. Whatever you choose you are bound to have a wonderfully relaxing experience.

You do not have to stay the night, the hotel offers a day use option, you can just enjoy the day at the beach and go home if that is what you prefer.

There is also a beach party every weekend, or if you enjoy a more quiet atmosphere take your family and head there during weekdays, the beach and pool are open every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

Hawar Islands Beach

Hawar Islands Beach

Hawar islands is an archipelago in the Arabian Gulf owned by Bahrain.

The islands are uninhabited, but there is a nice hotel on the main island that offers amazing facilities, so you do not have to worry about food, drinks or amenities.

The beach on the island is one of the best beaches in Bahrain, and there is a ferry boat that takes you there from Manama, the trip in the Arabian Gulf is a plus.

The island is also a favorite with bird watchers because it is home to many bird species.

Jarada Island Beach

Jarada Island Beach

jarada island Bahrain is one of the best beaches and also one of the top tourist attractions in Bahrain. That is due to the uniqueness of the island.

The magical island appears in the ebb and disappears in the tide, it offers one of the best places to swim in Bahrain; golden sand and crystal clear water.

You can find regular trips from Coral Bay or you can arrange for one through Jarada tours.

Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Islands are a group of man-made islands, they offer some of the best beaches in Bahrain, the most popular spot is in front of Floating City.

Floating City is a residential area in Amwaj Island where all the houses are surrounded by deep water channels.

But there are various other open beach areas around the islands. There are several cafes and restaurants as well if you only want to enjoy the view.

In addition to that, you can enjoy some water sports on the beach, jet ski and surfing are very popular there.

Arad Fort Beach

Arad Fort Beach

Opened to mark National Day in 2008, this beautiful stretch of beach to the side of the old fort is one of the best beaches in Bahrain.

It offers a great place for a picnic as it is more of a beach park, with a paved area for walking.

It offers amazing surroundings for a sunset or sunrise stroll as well. The fort, said to be one of the oldest sites in the Middle East, makes a stunning backdrop.

This beach is the perfect spot for a family picnic during cooler summer evenings. It is a popular beach for families who want to enjoy nightlife in Bahrain.

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