If you are spending your summer in Bahrain this year or even if you are just travelling there for a couple of days during the summer and wondering where to go in Bahrain this article is for you.

Bahrain is quickly becoming popular with tourists for its unique blend of ancient heritage and modern Arabian culture.

The country also enjoys a tropical climate and offers a string of luxury beachfront resorts, appealing to some of the world’s wealthiest vacationers.

If you want to know where to go in Bahrain this is a diverse list of recommended places to visit in Bahrain this summer:

Reef Island

Reef Island

Reef Island represents an amazing mixture of a cosmopolitan city and a tropical getaway, it is a must go in Bahrain this summer.

The island in the heart of the city provides a place of luxury and relaxation for both its residents and visitors.

Shop in the boutiques, rest in the spa or theater, and have a drink or a meal in one of the sea view cafes and restaurants.

The island also sports a hotel resort, a yacht club, and a marina.


Al Dar Islands

Al Dar Islands

Relax on the sands of Al Dar Islands Bahrain this summer. You can easily reach it via boats that depart from the port every day.


Minutes away from Sitra , the island, known for its laid-back atmosphere and beaches, is a popular weekend getaway for locals.

Rent a beach hut or sunbathe on the warm sands, and take a dip in the waters of the Persian gulf.

Amenities are plenty, including a number of restaurants, BBQ grills and a variety of water sports options, such as jet skis, boating, and scuba diving.

Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain National Museum

Embark on a four millennium journey through the history of Bahrain this summer at Bahrain National Museum.

It is one of the oldest museums in the country and one of its top attractions.

The museum was opened in 1988, it is built on a central location on the waterfront between Manama and Muharraq.

Browse through its collections of archeological artifacts related to the ancient Dilmun civilization or comb through traditional pre-industrial handicrafts, old Islamic manuscripts, and various specimens of native flora and fauna.


Qalat al Bahrain

Qalat al Bahrain

Explore layers of ancient civilizations and the remains of fortresses guarding the harbor at Qalat al Bahrain this summer.

Chosen by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Qal’at al-Bahrain is an exceptional example of unbroken continuity of occupation over a period of almost 4500 years, from about 2300 BC to the present, on the island of Bahrain

Spread across an artificial hill, the area features spectacular archeological findings.

There is also a museum with five exhibition halls detailing the history of the place, displaying over 500 artifacts excavated from the site.

Afterwards, you can relax in the waterfront cafe.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

Refresh yourself at Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park this summer, an extensive water park featuring a variety of themed rides for all ages.

Each aspect of the park is based on the history of the Dilmun period, reflected by unique stone sculptures and architecture that encompasses the theme. Starting with Huge lions guarding the entrance.

As Bahrain’s biggest water themed park, The Lost Paradise of Dilmun promises to be a desert oasis and a garden of paradise in the summer heat.

Wahooo! Waterpark

Wahooo! Waterpark

Splash around and defeat the hot weather at Wahooo Waterpark this summer, The Middle East’s first indoor-outdoor waterpark.

In the heart of Manama, the massive park is filled with rides suitable for all ages.

Amenities include a cafe, restaurant, and a large swimming equipment store.

 Muharraq souq, Al Muharraq

Muharraq souq, Al Muharraq

Spend a nice summer evening strolling through one of Bahrain’s oldest markets at Muharraq souq.

Highly recommended for people looking for traditional Bahraini halwa, spices and coffee.

Saffron, Al Muharraq

Saffron, Al Muharraq

If you were wondering where to go in Bahrain to enjoy the toothsome Bahraini food this is the place for you!

Live the traditional Bahraini experience this summer and try the scrumptious Bahraini food at Saffron.

When it comes to finding a stand-out Bahraini breakfast, there is no better place to look.

The original branch of Saffron is located in the heart of Souq Al Qaysariya, a renovated area of Muharraq.

It was conceived by Narise Qambar in collaboration with the Bahrain Authority of Culture and Antiquities.

Moreover the restaurant lies in a transformed, traditional Bahraini house, boasting a glass floor under which a traditional date press lies preserved.

For an authentic cultural experience and a true taste of what Bahrain has to offer, Saffron should top your list.

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