Designing a perfect children bedroom is a priority for parents. Most parents will agree that providing their children with a wonderful living space in which they can thrive, learn and play is of paramount importance.

For kids, a bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It is a room to study, play, have friends over and keep all their possessions. It follows that their space should be a reflection of their personalities.

You need to put all that and more into consideration while creating your children’s bedroom.

Here are some valuable tips on how to design the perfect children bedroom.


Don’t hesitate to consult the experts

Don't hesitate to consult the experts

Involve your kids as much as you can in decorating their bedroom. After all, they are the experts when it comes to their own likes and dislikes.
If you are decorating with an interior designer, set a

meeting where all of you can sit together and discuss your choices to decorate a bedroom that all of you will love.

If your kid is still too young, just give him two or three options for things like paint, fabrics and furniture and let them choose. The more they are involved in the process, the happier they will be with the outcome.


Include their art and photos

Include their art and photos

There are several ways to do so, the sky is the limit. Maybe have a shelf to display framed photos of them growing up, or make a collage of said photos on the wall.

In addition to that, you may have their art masterpieces framed or printed, or get a wide note board that could be their ever-changing gallery. This will make their personal space feel even more personal.


Always plan ahead

Always plan ahead

While decorating a children bedroom, always keep in mind that you need something that will stand the test of time.

Kids grow every day and their needs and tastes change as they grow. You need something that will require only little redecorating and repainting over the years.

For instance, if your youngster is fond of a certain cartoon character, opt to have it on beddings and art pieces, not wallpaper.

Also, try to choose color schemes that have staying power and can be easily adjusted as they grow.

Incorporate a favorite hue on the walls or bring in bright accents, but mostly stick with neutral colors that do not need to be swapped out as interests change.


Think fun and functional

Think fun and functional

Those are keywords when it comes to decorating your kids’ bedroom. You want the space to be fun, happy and inviting and yet remain functional. Because it is a multi-functional room, use space smartly.

Install built-in cabinets and shelves for much-needed toy storage, and include a desk or work table for homework and coloring.

Keep in mind as well the specific functions your kid might require in a bedroom like a craft station for creative kids or a reading nook for the avid reader.

And creating sufficient storage space is essential. Having a place for everything will make it easier for your kids to keep their bedroom neat and tidy.


Pay attention to durability and safety

Pay attention to durability and safety

The younger the child, the more they need their surroundings to be safe. When decorating a kids’ bedroom choose furniture that is safe, durable and easy to clean. And always check product reviews before you make a purchase.

Take the chance and teach your kids that sharing can be fun

Creating a children bedroom for multiple siblings can be challenging but it can also be fun. The key to decorating co-habitable kids rooms is to give each child their own space as much as possible.

Make sure interests of all kids are reflected equally in the kids’ room decor, and get the input of all the children while decorating.

This should be a collaborative and fun design process. Thus, everyone will be happy with the results.


Add a touch of love

Add a touch of love

It is always a good idea to put a family heirloom in your kids’ bedroom and tell them its story, you might want to choose something unbreakable though if the child is too young.

Also, consider adding something handmade that either you or a loved one made. This creates a sweet keepsake that reminds your kids every day how much they are loved.

Creating a bedroom for your beloved kids is a wonderful journey and a bonding experience, relax and have fun together while you go through it.

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