Kuwait is renowned for being a culinary haven for food lovers, it is known to have an unlimited variety of restaurants. Restaurants in Kuwait are as various as they are plentiful.

The wonderful thing about Kuwait is that you can find a variety of restaurants in whichever cuisine you happen to be craving at any moment, at any price range.

The variety is unbelievable, you need only to walk around any neighborhood to find multiple choices, and odds are most of them will be really good.

Nonetheless, some restaurants are a must try there, so here are our top choices for the best restaurants in Kuwait.



Delicious oriental cuisine meets fine dining, add to that a panoramic sea view!  This combination makes Naranj one of the best dining experiences in Kuwait.

The name Naranj refers the Sanskrit word for “orange tree”. Many of the old households  in Syria used to grow Naranj trees ,their flowers produce a captivating  fragrance.

The restaurant is famous for the authentic collection of recipes that are traditionally made by many small villages in Syria.

They cook that authentic food with an innovative approach though.

In addition to ambiance and high quality food, the service at Naranj is impeccable. They are a fabulous example of Syrian hospitality.

Mais Alghanim

Mais Alghanim

One of the oldest restaurants in Kuwait, it has been the go-to place since forever, and that is for a good reason.

In operation for over 60 years, Mais Alghanem is an essential dining experience in Kuwait.

Over the years the restaurant continued to evolve and grow, and yet they managed to preserve the quality which they became famous for.

It offers fine oriental dining, which mostly constitutes of Lebanese cuisine, in an elegant Kuwaiti atmosphere. These two elements together add a certain magic to the place

All the food served, from the freshly baked bread to the tasty oriental desserts, is prepared with great care and attention to continue the family tradition of excellence that Mais Alghanim Restaurant is renowned for.

Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Olive Garden is an international chain of restaurants that began operations in 1982. Their decor is inspired by the timeless warmth of farmhouses in Tuscany, Italy.

Today the brand has got more than 700 restaurants all around the world. There are three branches in Kuwait.

The Olive Garden is famous for their Garden salad, served with their signature Italian dressing, alongside freshly baked bread sticks. With any main course you are offered a free unlimited choice of salad or soup.

Pro tip: Get the “Tour Of Italy” main dish, you get a portion of their mouthwatering homemade lasagna, a portion of chicken parmigian with a side of creamy fettuccine alfredo, you may need some help finishing that after the bottomless salad though!

Freej Suwaileh

Freej Suwaileh

If you want to dive deep into Kuwaiti cuisine, then Freej Suwaileh is your place.

Authentic Kuwaiti food served in an authentic Kuwaiti atmosphere, with excellent quality and generous quantity.

Overall, very good value for money, an experience you will not regret.

If you go there you should definitely try their traditional Majboos and their famous soups served in bread bowls.

Cocoa Room

Cocoa Room

Located opposite Al-Seef palace, Cocoa Room is a cozy and small restaurant with comfortable seating, fancy lighting and unique dishes.

Cocoa Room is a new chocolate dessert concept by Basil AlSalem the Slider Station, Burger Boutique and Open Flame Kitchen creator.

The place that had started as a dessert place, is now one of the best restaurants in Kuwait .

Cocoa Room is famous for serving the best breakfast in Kuwait.  The breakfast menu offers a wide variety of options such as sandwiches, salads, pancakes, waffles, French toast and a number of egg dishes.



Thakkara specializes in Malabari cooking, Malabar is an Indian region with a long culinary history. This restaurant is the first of its kind in Kuwait in that regard.

Strong trade links with the Arabs, the Europeans, and even the Chinese for centuries have influenced Malabar’s culinary character.

If you start exploring the Malabar delicacies, you will not be disappointed.

They have taken care to keep the originality of the cuisines by following the household practice of cooking and importing most of the ingredients from Kerala.

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