Juffair is one of the most distinctive locations in the Kingdom of Bahrain due to its wide coastline. Like the entire Kingdom of Bahrain, expatriates, tourists, and young Bahrainis make up the bulk of the population of Juffair. Juffair is considered one of the most vibrant areas in Bahrain, where tourists and visitors, and even its residents like to hang out and explore this amazing district. Juffair hosts a wide range of entertainment facilities including luxury hotels, shopping malls, cinemas, and the best international restaurants. Dining in one of the fanciest restaurants is always a great choice for a fabulous evening, so here is a list of the best and most fancy international restaurants in Juffair, where you can have a delicious dinner and enjoy a luxurious evening.



Since it was opened in this vibrant district in Bahrain in 2001, Bennigan’s has always been a place where people have gone to enjoy unique American cuisine with a special brand of Irish hospitality, spend time with friends, or simply enjoy a relaxed and optimistic atmosphere.

Located in Al Safir Hotel and Tower in Juffair, the restaurant is one of the unique restaurants in Juffair that serves a selection of tasty meals to suit all tastes and it is open daily for all meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Its exciting and varied menu offers a full range of starters, appetizers, seafood, beef, chicken, and desserts, not to mention appetizers, soups, and salads.

The menu features something for everyone, the portions are large, and taste and value for money are guaranteed.

You can also enjoy the great delivery services provided by the restaurant, which now ensure that customers do not have to miss the fabulous Bennigan fare.




The “Cafe de Paris” sauce developed by Madame Poupier in 1930 achieved incredible and immediate success.

It enables the “Cafe de Paris” restaurant in Geneva to launch a stunning concept offering a single menu formula that has gained instant worldwide fame and success.

The ingredients of the “Cafe de Paris” sauce remain secret to this day, although many around the world have assembled the public by attempting to imitate and market the sauce, they never equal its standards and taste.

François Voillamuz, the current owner of the original Entrecote Cafe de Paris restaurant in Geneva, is the only person in the world to hold the secrets of this sauce since its inception in 1930 and is pleased to present it in his first original franchise in the Kingdom of Bahrain.




There is no way to describe Cucina Italiana, one of the best restaurants in Juffair. This restaurant opened in 2011 in Juffair beside Bennigan’s, and this is truly unique.

With an unwavering passion for the Italian lifestyle from cuisine to décor never before seen, this restaurant serves fine cuisine and elegance.

Cucina Italiana restaurant prides itself on serving high-quality dishes prepared from the freshest and most selected ingredients while maintaining traditional Italian cooking techniques.

All dishes are made from fresh vegetables, succulent meat, hand-tossed dough, and high-quality tomato sauces, all served with true Italian passion.

Cucina Italiana has proven its success with the local community, and former tourists alike.

Whether it’s a business lunch, a romantic evening, or a meeting with friends and family, Cucina Italiana has something for everyone.

Cucina Italiana won the ‘Best Italian Restaurant’ award for the 2013 Time Out Bahrain Restaurant Awards and ‘The highly acclaimed Italian Restaurant’ for the 2014 Timeout Bahrain Restaurant Awards.

It is also popular as an authentic Italian restaurant with a perfect atmosphere where anyone can experience authentic Italian cuisine.

The restaurant is an all-time favorite for many customers who continue to return for great delicacies.




What started as a coffee roasting company in the mid-1980s has been lovingly nurtured by what we see today – a unique experience in a community café, known to all as Dome.

Dome Café Group (“Dôme”) was originally founded and is still locally owned and based in Perth, Western Australia with the opening of its first coffee shop in Cottesloe in 1993.

Featuring a distinctive European ambience and style, Dôme Cafes offers customers a unique experience in a luxurious and modern setting.

Specially designed around an old European international brasserie, it combines tasteful coffee with a varied menu with elegant table service.

It is an ideal place to enjoy a quick meal, a quick coffee or an elegant location to spend time and enjoy the decor and the unique atmosphere.

Dôme Cafes, covering all the meals and beverage needs, is the perfect place to come throughout the day.

The philosophy of the dome is simple; they pride themselves in creating “neutral land” places where the entire spectrum of individuals in society feels comfortable spending time. So, whether residents of Bahrain or visitors are looking to read a book and have coffee for hours, a casual meal with the family, or a snack of junk food, Dome is always looking forward to serving them with a smile and a great willingness.DOME



Located on the first floor of a very luxurious hotel, Kenza Restaurant offers an authentic Arabic dining experience.

Arabesque interiors, reflected in the colors on the wall and upholstery patterns are just some of the legitimacy indicators of this exclusive Arabic restaurant.

The in-house restaurant and live music offer a friendly Arabic atmosphere with a variety of traditional Lebanese cuisine.

There is outdoor seating, where you can enjoy shisha in a selection of flavours. Small groups can also enjoy some privacy with 3 private rooms to choose from.

Whether you are with family or friends, you can rest assured that Kenza Lounge will leave you with a pleasant and enjoyable experience in one of the finest restaurants in Juffair Bahrain.

To guarantee a good seat you must make your reservations a minimum 24 hours in advance.




Mantraa brings you a full range of mysterious flavors that is rich with the smell of Indian cuisine.

Celebrate the colorful melting pot that makes India a wonder of cooking. The creative power behind Mantraa, Chef Arun Kumar Tyagi was Executive Chef and Commercial Chef at some of India’s leading five-star luxury hotels.

He was recognized by the industry as “Executive Chef of the Year 2005” for working at Radisson MBD, Noida who set new standards in Indian and European cuisine and sweets.

His distinguished background as a chef and hospitality consultant has led him to be one of the most demanding experts. You can taste these delicious dishes of Indian cuisine in your place.


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